Rescue Journal

thank you for all of the well wishes and offers for help today.

Carol  ·  Jul. 18, 2011

i am fine...whatever it was has gone and i did sleep for a good portion of today. unfortunately the bed buddies again got ripped off. ewok is apparently a little bit stressed and temporarily lost her mind.
i was truly planning on napping with them but while i was doing the diabetics, ewok got confused and jumped up and peed on the bed..( not the best place in the world to pee sweetheart!) renee stripped it all off quickly before lake erie soaked all of the way thru. i tossed a flannel sheet over top of the rubber protector to keep their pokey nails from ripping the protector pad. and cowardly me took myself over to the suite to sleep cuz it was just too much for me at that moment to dick around and fight with the dogs while trying to remake the bed with clean who knew if ewok might lose her mind again and i didn't want to be there again if she did....too tired for leaping out of bed in a hurry today.

frodo tho enjoyed my change of plans, he slept at the end of the bed with me all day. work called to check in with me and i was glad to hear that it wasn't horribly busy and i hadn't ruined all of their day so at least i can put that worry away. we did miss getting lucky and esther down to the vets..they were bathing and grooming them for us for free today...ooops, i was so bagged i totally forgot! is nice to be back in the house, the guys were glad to see me when i finally came back from the suite. tonight i will take it easy and just wander around making up for lost time with them.

(thx helga for the homemade apple and walnut loaf and fresh rasberries...that made an awesome tasty and light summer day after a trauma dinner!)
oh and sharon posted in the comments that the vancouver sun story was in the paper today..."nurse dolittle" is right who i am today!



I found the article on the Vancouver Suns online paper.I copied it to my facebook :) I hope your feeling much better Carol!


I'm sorry carol I completely forgot about lucky and Esther going in for grooming!!!!


"Why does she do it?
She laughs and says she’s basically crazy"
great quote carol!!!