Rescue Journal

and a hero comes along....

Carol  ·  Jul. 22, 2011

i came home for my dinner break to bring monty home from the vet (vet update tomorrow on monty and marvin.) jenn was here so she sucked me into taking the dogs for a quick romp around the pond. the key word here should be AROUND...not IN...because the last thing i want is a bunch of sopping wet dogs lounging around on my bed when i go back to work.

anyway...that is what is going to happen...mystic went in, daphne went in, fergus went in, joey went in, ewok went in, and al went went in because we told him to tho...we needed a hero to save the day.

daphne had the BEST ball in the is this slick and rubbery bouncing thing that everyone loves. daph took her mouth and her eyes off it...fergus was watching with his one eye and darted in and grabbed it and then proceeded to lose it again in the pond....dumbo dog.

fergus wanted his ball back and so did daphne...daphne sat in the muddy water and told fergus to go and get it so he did. except he couldn't quite grab hold of it and kept pushing further and further away from the shore.

fergus still has sutures from his missing eye so i don't want him swimming in the he doesn't swim all that well AND he is not very bright. so there is fergus swimming badly in circles out of reach all around trying to get the worlds very best ball. daphne is still sending him mental encouragement cuz she really wants him to get it so she can steal it back. jenn tries to grab a 30 foot tree branch thing and reach the ball floating looked like she might be soon splashing around with fergie if she lost her footing...then i would have a wet daughter along with a bunch of wet dogs.

al could see what was happening and he really liked that best ball in the world too so he came running over to see what he could do to help and jenn told him to go and get the ball...which he did.

yay hero al! now we had the ball back and soon we convinced fergie to get the hell out of the pond and all should have been well at that point.


every story has a villian and in today's story it is meanie jenn. she said thank you very much to al (who was in the process of trying to bury the best ball in the world that he just saved) and snatched it right away from him. then to add insult to injury...she gave the ball to doorknob fergus who had lost it in the first place but was happy to carry it home up the hill.

i am asking here...what kind of world are we living in when the hero who saved the day, got the very best ball in the world taken away and given to the dummy one eyed fergus, who is probably going to lose it again pretty damn quick?

sorry al, it just goes to show you that hero's are not always winners and life is not very fair.

al did get even...he ran up the hill to the house and jumped right up on my bed...and yes, he was still sopping wet. apparently unrewarded hero's can sometimes be doorknobs too.



elaine erickson

I have to say my Fergus may be a boneheaded ball dog but he was the one that ended up with it so cudos to you my boy maybe you"re not so dumheaded after all LOL


ok, so at least get Jenn to post an image of said ball. Then maybe we can identify it.

Carol i know??? geez erin, stuff just shows up there..i have no clue where most of it comes from....and i have never seen a ball like this before...ALL of the dogs love is a super dooper fun ball...if we can still find it by the weekend, i will show it to you and you can go and find us more!


okay erin where was that ball from. also sent you some emails you may not know they are from me


maybe someone ought to mention where said worlds best ball was bought from....


This has me laughing - and too bad it wasn't caught on video! Poor Al - he saved the day just to loose out. I hope he gets an extra treat for being the hero.

Carol Ann

That was hilarious but where was the video camera operator--oh ya she was in the pond too lol


Might have to start putting a tarp over your bed before they come in sopping wet :)