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the pain in the ass theory

Carol  ·  Jul. 23, 2011

i don't know how phoebe knows it, but i swear she knows she is now my dog....maybe she can read the sign tammy posted on her zen dog door...phoebe rose hine. i am convinced tho that she somehow knows i belong especially to her now...its weird cuz she has basically lived here for almost 6 years. and in that time before she became a hine she has viewed me with contempt...i was simply the jailor who stood between her and the perfect world that she imagined she deserved. frodo used to be like that too...he never had much use for me either. maybe i grow on the ones who don't like me after many long years of prolonged exposure....maybe i need to to be savored by a more mature a dry wine.

anyway, its weird...i have 4 personal family animals...frodo and phoebe had no use for me for they both really like me. daphne has always liked me but she still loves jenn and ko better which is fine...and dixie chick still can't stand the sight of me....after 10 years, dixie chick should have developed at least some liking of me..but she hasn't, i am still an ogre and she is still a feral cat.

in any case, i was just thinking that phoebe is softer with me...she is really not so much of a pain in the ass anymore...i actually want to thank you guys for making me adopt her...i don't even feel like shooting myself now when i say this..but...phoebe is actually lovely.

maybe if all of the pain in the asses were adopted they would mostly stop being pain in the asses too? could conan the barbarian become civilized? could jesse and jerry quit with the biting? would tina quit shattering my ear drums each day? would griffin stop acting like a snarling mini dracula? would meanie sweetie lose the meanie half?

maybe if they all had their own family, they would be lovely too?

i am thinking of adopting griffin...i just adore that little freakoid...what if i start the ball rolling with griffin by adding him to my personal family?.... will anyone join me in adopting a pain in the ass?

we can do an guys come and pick a pain in the ass to adopt and we will see if they suddenly become lovely... like phoebe. we can call it "The Testing of the Pain in the Ass Theory!"

if anyone is up for a challenge..i am on a day off and can do up the paperwork today!



Scrappy really sounds like he is happy.
Glad to hear he is owning the place, such a great boy.
If you want a challenge I can lend you my cat Sam. He is a 21 pounder and could stand to lose a little weight. Sounds like you did great with Scrappy.
Let me know when you can pick him up.
Oh and he is a little sensitive so be careful.

Carol Ann

I think everyone needs a pain in the ass animal -- it truly makes you appreciate the others every day. Mine is Precious she is a larger version of Phoebe and truly is a horror. I still love her though and so does Harold so it's not ALL bad.


Now that Scrappy has a permanent home, he needs to permanently tell all the animals in the house that everything is his - he wacks Little Face and Lotus when he doesn't want them on the bed. He wacks the dogs when he doesn't want them near Sheila or me or on the bed. He knocks Lotus and Little Face away from their bowls when they are eating. We have to feed him in a separate room so they can eat comfortably at their own pace or Scrappy will dive into theri food when he finishes his. Scrappy rubs up agains everything, including me and Sheila to scent mark his property so all the animals know everything is his. The only one he is afraid of is Oliver because Oliver is a bigger pain in the ass than he is.

Don't worry Tammy, we love Scrappy Dappy Doo as he is our very own pain in the ass cat. But with less competition with other cats, Scrappy was given the freedom to be who he is.

You should see Scrappy get into the cupboard where the cat food is kept. He knocks all the cans over in an attempt to get to the open cans which are just one shelf out of his reach.

With all that self inflicted exercise Scrappy participates in, he is now half the cat he was. He is a normal weight now.


Been there and done that already and the answer is NO they do not stop being a Pain In The Ass, they sometimes get worse!! ;)


How about the animals who become pain in the asses after being adopted? Is their a return policy on that?
And yes, I am talking about Scrappy dappy do.


lol tammy deserves a break from being phoebe's sole champion...she has been a valiant and loyal supporter of the red whirling wonder for many is about time we quit torturing her!

i think phoebe is just getting happens to the best of us..she is finally settling down...she whirls slower than she used too but she does have a few minor pain in the ass days still.


i think i am going to throw up carol could we not just keep tammy having to feel she has to stick up for phoebe. actually really lately i have found phoebe to ;be more subdued and fading into the background. that is not good. i will bring something to eat tomorrow do not know what b ut something.


"she is really not so much of a pain in the ass
"phoebe is actually lovely"
Beautiful post.
I think I'm going to cry.


I really want to adopt a senior dog,but am so stuck on the fence because i live alone and still work(sometimes shift work).i feel so guilty to leave a guy/gal alone so much even though i would dedicate all my free time to them.Call me crazy but i miss having a spoiled rotten pain in the ass,its a good thing i love you house destroyer.

Bunny Horne

I would love to take home a doggie but my Pain in the Ass Strata council says one critter per condo and I'm at my limit otherwise I'm pretty sure I would kidnap Mini MeMeMeMe.


not too many takers unfortunately. i would love to adopt a pain in the ass and i think today that had to be minnie pearl she was a hag but a lovable hag lol my husband already thinks me and my 3 dogs are pains in the asses so i better wait on taking another one.