I don't mind bragging because SAINTS has the best supporters, donors and volunteers!!!

Jenn  ·  Jul. 24, 2011

I am continually impressed by the level of support from our donors. We are blessed at SAINTS to honestly have the best supporters, donors and volunteers. I want to give you all a huge hug and a great big thanks for supporting the saints animals and allowing us to do the work that we do. SAINTS started as an idea, a dream to help senior and special needs animals that had no where else to go--SAINTS grew into a place where over 400 animals have come to receive medical care, love and value. Many have found wonderful and loving homes but even the ones that did not find a final home with a family have/had a home at SAINTS and it is the volunteers and donors who are their family. SAINTS is a home and a family first and foremost for these animals and I can see it everyday when they wag their tails or when they curl up on a pillow and sleep soundly they are finally at peace and feel safe and happy--many for the first time in their long and hard lives.

Ok enough gush ... get your cheque books out! haha we are well on our way to our goal of having 19 tables and 100 animals sponsored for our September Gala.

Tables are $200 to sponsor and the table center topper will be all about YOU, our wonderful donor. You can pick up to 3 pictures to have on your topper--could be of you, or a business logo, or your own pet. So far we have 12 out of 19 tables sponsored and I am really hoping that we get all 19 because I would hate to have our gala guests look at a blank topper! So get your co-workers, friends and family together and scrounge together $200--and receive a tax deductible receipt!

1. Guardian Angels
2. Pet Friendly Canada
3. Tonnell Management Services
4. A.W. McGarvey Law Offices
5. Mo Stead
6. Leila and Sheila Kullar
7. Dawn Gleadhill
8. Feline Fancies
9. Lory and Paul Reynolds
10. Cathy Koulouris
11. Anju Jane
12. Lynne

In addition we are looking to have every saints animal sponsored. We currently have just over 100 animals at our sanctuary and about 20 animals living in foster care. We are only asking for sponsorship for our sanctuary animals this year. These animals will have their pictures hanging from beautiful curly willow branches in the middle of the table sponsor toppers and on the back of each photo will be the name of the person who is sponsoring that animals. You can sponsor an animal for any amount but I suggest at least $25 so that you can receive a tax receipt. and I mean not to butter on the guilt or anything but for some of these guys this will be their only gala and they might feel hurt to not be sponsored ... hmmm I am thinking here is Mystic who is probably outside running around in the mud digging holes and she might lose some that very bouncy step if she were to found out she was not sponsored .... lol hey did it work are you writing a cheque right now? lol.

Rose & Tex


Anthony Hopkins
Bun Jovi
Princess Leia

Black Bart
Cali Sponsored by Tammy Robson
Charlie Sponsored by Tammy Robson
Cash Sponsored by Tammy Robson
Cliff (FeLV) Sponsored by Helga
Fruit Loop Trio
Granny Sponsored by Tammy Robson
Harry Sponsored by Dionne
Long John Silver
Mac Sponsored by Elizabeth Ellis
Maestro Sponsored by Tammy Robson
Marvin Sponsored by Tammy Robson
Monty (FIV)
Mother Theresa (FeLV) Sponsored by Helga
Oliver Sponsored by Tammy Robson
the Rock (FeLV) Sponsored by Helga
Sage Sponsored byTammy Robson
Snicker Sponsored by Fancy Felines

Classy Chicks (6)

COWS(all sponsored yay!)
Emily Sponsored by Meghann
Joy Sponsored by Meghann
Percy Sponsored by Meghann


Minnie Pearl
Andy Sponsored by Carol Anne
Angel Sponsored by Carol Anne
Bambi 1 Sponsored by Barb
Bambi 2
Cherry Sponsored by Joan Mohr
Daisy Too
Doris Sponsored by Barb
Dusty Sponsored by Wendy Scott
Esther Sponsored by Erin Pemberton
Ewok Sponsored by Helga and Wendy Scott
Griffin Sponsored by Ian Scott and Carol Anne
Hilda Sponsored by Barb
Jedi Sponsored by Barb
Jelly Sponsored by Wendy Scott and Kathy O.
Lucky Sponsored by Wendy Scott
Merry Sponsored by Barb
Mini Me
Mystic Sponsored by Wendy Scott
Noelle Sponsored by Erin Pemberton
Shane Sponsored by Elizabeth Ellis
Smokie Sponsored by Helga and Wendy Scott
Squirt Sponsored by Brenda
Sweetie Sponsored by Carol Anne
Theya Sponsored by Barb
Yoda Sponsored by Barb

DONKEY (all sponsored yay!)
Ziggy Sponsored by Suzanne

DUCKS (yay all sponsored!)
Edwina Sponsored by Kathy O.
Floyd Sponsored by Kathy O.
Tiny Tim Sponsored by Kathy O.

GOATS (all sponsored yay!)
Chewy Sponsored by Bunny & Brent
Edith Sponsored byBunny & Brent
Gilbert Sponsored byBunny & Brent
Pete Sponsored byBunny & Brent

Dixie Sponsored by Wendy Scott
Gideon Sponsored by Lory Reynolds
Pops Sponsored by Wendy Scott and Dionne

Carl Elliott



TURKEY (all sponsored yay!)
Crosby Sponsored by Dionne

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If you would like to sponsor a table, an animal, or purchase tickets for this event please email:

** here is my visual to illustrate the difference between table sponsorship and animal sponsorship:




I would like to sponsor the big head dog Jelly!! I can't forget to have some of the feathered friends sponsored, Floyd, Edwina, and Tiny Tim.


I forgot to mention to the house volunteers that I am pkanning on returning to SAINTS this coming Sun. July 31st. See you then!


Oops, I forgot to - Griffin is also has a $25 sponsorship from the Scott because Lola misses him.


Oh my lord- I forgot the bunnies, I had them on my hand written list and forgot to put them on the spread sheet. I could just slap myself

Carol Ann

I am sponsoring Andy, Angel, Sweetie and Griffin that's all for now. Hopefully can do more later.

Barbara T

Please add Theya and Hilda to my sponsor list of Shih Tzu assorted mixes. $30.00 each.


Hi all; I am still on holidays, and only home for a day - enough time to check the blog and get caught up - but I just wanted to say I will sponsor Squirt for $50.00 for the Gala. Ok, gotta go pack up again for some more camping. I do miss my SAINTS Sundays!! See you all soon. Oh, and Lynne - figures you'd pick up on Minnie Pearl not being on the list - I swear you're her cheerleader!


okay what gives minnie pearl is still not on the list. i know she is a pain in the butt but.......

Angela H.

Jenn, did you get my mom's email? She really wants to sponsor some animals!!


Alright then - I will sponsor Snickers for $50 and the Pain In The Ass Table for $200. I'm sending a cheque in for $250 from my business "Feline Fancies"