Animals Looking for Sponsorships for Sept 24 Wishes for Whiskers

 ·  Jul. 27, 2011

§ 5 chickens: the Classy Chicks

§ 1 Pig: Wilbur

§ 11 Rabbits: Amber, Anthony Hopkins, Billy, Bob, Bun Jovi, Lincoln, Princess Leia, Ray, Spiffy, Stephen, and Tu

§ 1 horse: Czar

§ 15 Cats: Black Bart, Chief, Cocoa, Conan, Ebony, Fruit loop Trio, Long John Silver, Maxine, Misty, Morgan, Pat, Sebastian, and Tiger Woods (who just passed away today but maybe someone would like to sponsor him in memory)

§ 4 Dogs: Daisy Too, Fergus, Paluchie and Tina

Dogs with double sponsors are: Dusty, Ewok, Jelly, Lucky, Mystic and Smokey incase anyone would like to change their sponsors around so some of the unsponsored animals have a sponsor.

The budgies and cockatiels are being sponsored by me and Sheila, the sheep are being sponsored by Cathie K along with the Rabbbits, Thumper and O'Grady rabbits and Crosby is being sponsored by Dionne along with Pops and Harry. Barbra D. asked Sheila to pick out 2 animals for her so she is sponsoring Helga and Jerome. Out of 111 animals that call SAINTS home, 74 have sponsorships and 37 are still looking.

To pay for you sponsorships, please do the following:

1. If paying by cash, put the money in an envelope and write on the envelope for Sept 24 animal sponsorship and leave in back office in the MP room

2. Send a cheque to Sheila at 15570 - 58A Ave Surrey, B.C. V3S 4N8

3. Pay through Paypal and leave a note saying donation is for animal sponsorship.

Sheila will be mailing out tax receipts after the Wishes 4 Whiskers fundraiser is over.

Also, we are still looking for 6 more tables to be sponsored, so please everyone put the word out there.



Pat Beaucamp

Ernie and I would love to sponsor Daisy Too, Fergus, Paluchie and Tina for $50 each if they are not already taken. Will send cheque to Sheila today.


Sorry Suzanne, I forgot to respond to your comment. I have put you down as a sponsor for Long John Silver.

Lisa, the $60 ticket is not transferred to an animal sponsorship. They are 2 separate things.


I will sponsor Black Bart and Fergus :) I'll bring the money next time I am at SAINTS.


Does sponsoring an animal mean the $60 ticket proceeds go toward sponsoring the animal?

Ann C

If Lucky & Dusty are doubled I'll swap and take the 4 dogs that are left so I think I owe $200.00?


If Ewok and Smokie are double sponsored you could you could change my sponsorship to bunnies Bob and Princess Leia.


We are suggesting people sponsor an animal for $25 so they can get a tax receipt but it can be less than this or more than this - whatever you would like to give.

Robyn Thomson

I would still like to sponser an animal, but since Mo nabbed up Wilbur it will have to be some other cutie! Is there a set amount, or is it however much we feel like sponsering?


Thanks Mo, Wilbur is yours and I will to see who is left to pick the other. Thanks Angela, incase she doesn't have my email (because people confuse Sheila and me up) it is

Robyn Thomson

i would love to sponser Wilbur!!! how much does it cost to sponser??


I will sponsor a couple SAINTs, I am not fussy about who..just want to ensure they are all represented. So $50 each & feel free to pick them ..or wait until there are only 2 left & they will be mine... on secound thought I want Wilbur please & you can choose the 2nd one.


Angela H.

Hi Leila,

I know my mom wanted to sponsor 2 tables and a couple animals. She said she was going to email you, but I will remind her again tonight.


Sheila's last name is Kullar. I will put you down for Long John Silver - thank you!!!


I keep trying to edit my typos but for some reason they are not taking so we will have live with them. Since my edits are not being accepted in the post, I'll add this in the comments section. For those paying by cash, please also write on the envelope your name and address and leave the envelope on the desk in the back office in the MP room.

Thanks, Leila


for those of us mailing checks, could we please have sheila's last name for the envelope?
I am sending for Ziggy and the very beautiful Long John Silver, unless someone else has grabbed him and then mine can go either in memory of beloved Larry or for another name on Pops... your choice.