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keeping my promises

Carol  ·  Jul. 27, 2011

i promised jenn and eric i would see our family doc for a check after the chest pain of the nurses at work looked up my doctors phone number and watched me call for an appointment...she thought it was important too.

so last night i very reluctantly and dutifully toddled off to the clinic to see him at 8 pm...i really wanted to just relax and read my book. laura was here so she finished letting the mp dogs out so i wouldn't be late.

i got there early..three minutes to spare...hah! i kept my promise AND i wasn't late.

i go up to the reception desk and said...carol hine for dr. XXX and the receptionist looked at me blankly and said dr. XXX wasn't in. i suddenly felt like i was in the twilight zone (i am reading one of those kind of weird books)...i felt totally confused. i said but i have an appointment with him tonight..i called and made it last week. the receptionist said but he only works on thursday night this week. now i am feeling bit stunned and discombolutated because today (yesterday) WAS why wasn't he here???

oh..i got a bad feeling. i looked at her and said..what day is it today?..and she smiled and said it is tuesday. SHIT! i was sure it was thursday...all day i thought it was thursday..from the time i got up i thought it was thursday and all day at work i thought it was thursday and tonight (last night) while i kept trying to talk myself into cancelling the appointment) i thought it was thursday...and it wasn't.

apparently i really need to see my doctor cuz i don't even know what day i am living anymore. i came home feeling totally lost cuz i didn't even know what day of the week it was anymore.

i will try again on the real thursday...if i can actually remember which day of the week thursday really is. but i am going to talk to him not about chest pain...but about living in some kind of weird twilight zone messed up time vacuum where i can live an entire wrong day of the week and not figure it out until 8 pm.


Ann C

It's something in the air this week, I thought all day today was Thursday and my friend whose middle name is Ann had to check her passport because she couldn't remember if her name was spelt with an E or not...true story, that happened today too and by the way she is also a nurse!! And yes it is spelt Anne!!


At least you're in the right week. I have a dentist appointment for Tuesday Aug. 2. This past Tuesday I drive over to the clinic thinking while driving 'got to remember to change the calendars to August' and then realized it was only Tuesday July 26. We're all members of this club.

Angela H.

All day yesterday, I kept thinking it was Wed. And Eric just texted me saying that he thought today was Tues.


Ha Nancy you just described my life! Oh and throw in some hot flashes ;)

Carol, you have a doctors appointment tomorrow night. I am sure you will get many reminders this time around, heh.


I think you thought it was Thursday because you have been anctipating the doctor's appt with dread. You made the day come up faster than it was to get it over with.


Oh Carol, I wouldn't worry about's just another lovely side effect of The Pause (as my friends and I call it). The memory goes. I think every day is Saturday in the summer when the kids are home from school. Next you'll forget your children's names. I always wondered why my mom, at a certain age, kept calling me by the dog's name. Now I know. (fortunately the dog's name was Julie, and not Rex or Rover..)
Then you can't remember where you've parked the car, or have you ever gone from one room to the other at home then can't remember why you're there??

And it sounds like you have a whole lot on your plate all the time, so maybe the important stuff is just, well, more important than the trivial what day is it anyways??

Donna S.

LOL - like you don't have a million other things on your mind than what day it is! You have SO much that you have to do/think about/worry about/etc. between your job and SAINTS, and I'm sure your chest pain problem is lurking somewhere in your brain, even if you're not consciously (did I spell that right?) thinking of it at the time. I know myself that if I don't actually say out loud "Donna you are taking your thyroid meds" when I take them in the morning, five minutes later I can't remember if I've taken them or not, and I don't have a fraction of the things on my plate that you have! Ask the doctor about it when you go (on Thursday!) but make sure you get those chest pains checked out too!! Donna S. (I'm on Brindleweb sometimes).

Barbara DeMott

I need to comment here on another topic. I want to let everyone know about a fantastic and very inexpensive vet that was so compassionate and excellent with my dog this week. If you want to see a great vet (who I personally come to see on the ferry from the Sunshine Coast), please go to Dr. Dhaliwal at Central City Animal Hospital, in Burnaby. He is the vet for Big Heart Rescue as well. I won't waste space on the the details here, but let's just say he is quick, smart, inexpensive and extremely kind which meant a lot to me after being jerked around for tons of money by our local vet.
Thanks for letting me use this space to say this.