Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 27, 2011

i spoke with dr. paton today...the long and short of it is...

the bad easy fix is available.

too much pain and risk with surgery with questionable results esp. considering his age...and the recovery period is quite long.

physio/accupuncture..probably won't do much because it has become mechanical with the joint calcifying and slipping to the side to compensate.

botox just doesn't do the job that the drug company says it does.

the good news is...

as of now..they think pops is ok. they do not believe he is suffering unduly or unhappy with his current life. they think we are on the ball enough to provide him with good appropriate care and they think we are able to recognize and address end of life issues when things start to change and life becomes a burden for him.

they have a suggestion on a new NSAID med that is safer than long term bute that we could try for his comfort. they said we could try steve the ferriers suggestion for a special orthopedic shoe to make it easier for pops to move. and they said they think we could let pops out in the field for longer periods of time if he wants and just put him back in when he says he is ready to go...they don't think he is going to fall or break anything right now so it is pretty safe (as long as the idiot humping cows aren't around!)

dr, paton did say that things are going to change over time and it will become more difficult for pops with more pain as the joint continues to deteriorate and may be a year or two at the most or as little as a few months but as long as we keep a close eye and pay attention to how he is doing, we should do ok.

sooooo...bottom miracle is happening for our pops...but...nothing terrible is happening to him right now either.

the new plan is...try the new NSAID pain meds and see how pops does with them. i called steve the ferrier and left a message to see if he can cook up a magic shoe to help pops get around a bit better and to stop the tendon from contracting any more. we can let pops decide when he wants out and in and not try to decide for him and other than that...we just carry on keeping a close eye on how he is doing and making sure he enjoys every day.

so there you go...not great news, not terrible news...they recommend that we just keep doing the best that we can for him for now.



he is on has glucosamine and a bunch of other stuff that are good for his joints and hooves.


Is there any sort of supplement he can take to help maintain the joint as it is or slow the progression? Kinda like the glucosamine & chondroitin stuff people use.....I have never taken any supplements so I have no idea if htey work or there something for horses.
I know it won't sure it but maybe it may help in a small way?

Bunny Horne

Carol, there is so much GREAT news in that entry. 1. SAINTS has been giving POPS the best possible medical care and attention and that you can stay the course with minor tweaking of his meds.
2. POPS has some control over his own life now, if he wants to stay out a little longer in the pasture he can, if he wants to take comfort in his stall he can - and that is fabulous news.
3. Until such time that his health worsens POPS is living the best possible life he could ever dream of. He has a hot 7 year old girlfriend (Dixie), companionship, great food, great medical attention, and loads and loads of love and affection.
POPS hit the jackpot the day he stepped off the back of a horse trailer onto the SAINTS property.


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I do believe you were being given a pat on the back Carol. While no magical cures offered great news that they are confident you are doing what is best for the old guy :)

Carol Ann

We will just have to make sure every day he has is as good as it can be. I'm sure he knows he is loved. Praying for you POPS.


So good to know that Pops is doing as well as can be expected. I have no doubt that he is happy at SAINTS and that you have been and will continue to do what is in Pop's best interest. Thank you all for a job more than well done!