Rescue Journal

mystic strikes again.

Carol  ·  Jul. 29, 2011

last week i bought a special pair of flip flops...the soles were covered in rubber spikey things that i thought might poke and stimulate the bottoms of my heels which are currently paining me (i ended up with plantar fascitis from limping when my knee was so bad.) i think they were working..i don't feel like actually crying when i first put weight on them each morning..this was a great improvement...sadly mystic just ate one...the left one which happens to be the most painful of the two.
damn her.

honestly, instead of fundraising to pay saints vet bills..i think i should be fundraising to keep me in footware. luckily for her those suckers were only 10 bucks so when i go tomorrow to buy a new pair, it won't bankrupt me....but geez, deja vu..i already put out and bought a perfectly fine pair.
i gently thumped the ruined flip flop on top of her head and said quit eating my freaking stuff. she grabbed the flip flop out of my hand and said...sorry but this is now my flip flop, it is wrecked and you can't wear it anymore.
sigh....she is a cute little destructive beast but i really needed those freaking flip flops, my heels are still pretty sore!

and don't even bother getting on my case about keeping my stuff out of her reach...i was laying on the bed watching tv with the bed buddies and those flip flops were supposedly safely right next to me...mystic is a very quiet and sneaky little flip flop thief, i didn't even notice her making off with them at all.



today i can say i walked in carols shoes, literally. i was coming back from the pond when ko said to go up by the boat. well i guess i misunderstood what she said and sank up to my ankles in mud. yuck. it was oozing everywhere inside my shoes. mo yelled at me if i was really a true blond. guess i had that one coming. lol. i had to borrow a pair of carols shoes. i said to angelina that we should have had before and after pics of tess as angelina shaved her.. what a difference, she must be feeling a whole lot better. and little kristy is very cute tho but i think mini me has taught her how to bark. she would not stop. she also reminds us of prince albert who used to be a saint. welcome tess and kristy.

Barbara DeMott

Hi Carol,
Roll your foot on a frozen small bottle of water: it really works.

Chris T

Carol - a night splint will really help with PF along with custom orthotics and good shoes. I got rid of PF in both feet with this plan. If you want more info please let me know.

Bunny Horne

Carol, do you remember way back in the olden days when moms used to put goof strings on our mitts so we wouldn't lose them. Maybe we need to secure some goof strings to your slippers and flip flops. Just a thought.