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if anyone wants an update on anyone in particular...let me know in the comments..i know many of them don't get blogged about but they are still front and center around here every is just if they aren't sick, new or a pain in the ass..i sometimes

Carol  ·  Jul. 30, 2011



hah..or even can come to work on the weekends and see your special guy yourself!


Carol, you should do updates about Jesse on the weekends so i know how my special man is doing when I'm not around haha :)

Joan Mohr

Could you please give an update on little Cherry.I saw her at your open house and she looked so delicate.


I read your blog before and after work, Carol, and I love all of the SAINTS! I would love to know how Gideon is faring this summer?


Totally off topic.. I just got back home after barn duties & realize I left my phone in the MG... I left a message (borrowed my neighbours phone ) on Carol cell, but if anyone happens to be going up there..can you move it into the shop...say on the washing machine. I think it is just sitting on the bench... It's not me it's the PAUSE... but I know today is Sunday.

No rain tonight please


no requests about any of the animals...

but there's something i'd like to do. since water restrictions are in place, i'd like to do something for SAINTs. can i come by and take the laundry to the laundromat to do, my treat? just get a pile together, as much as you can, and i'll come and do it.


I really enjoy reading the daily blog it is written with so much feeling for the animals.
I was just wondering how Smokey and Ewok are.


I think Doris is absolutly adorable.I would love to hear how she is doing.


the issue with keeping the website and bio's up to date has been long standing for us. it is because the website itself is time/techno difficult while getting on to the blog is butt easy for me. nicole is our webmaster and the only one with the expertise to change the actual website itself...she works fulltime shift work, including many night shifts..i talked to her yesterday and it was after 11 am and she had just gotten home from what must have been almost a 15 hour shift.

but the real issue is...the animals change so quickly around ones in..adoptions, so many deaths...they just get back logged. and when she has a day off to try to catch up..the inhabitants are still and out all over again.

i don't know what the answer is unless we ever reach the point where we can hire staff just to manage the website itself. but as one who gets behind on so many emails and paperwork, i fully understand that there just is not always enough hours in the day to get everything done.

and this has always been an issue for all of the volunteers...saints is huge (the website alone is hundreds of pages to regularly update!) and requires so many things from all of us and we still have our own jobs, families and animals that we need time for too.

one day we will get there but for now it is least the animals themselves are getting the care and attention they is just the background stuff that we don't get to so well. day i will dream for a future of a media/technical department to handle the job!...for now it is just little old and busy us.


I know there is so much for you to do and now you're writing the blog, but I love the stories you write about each one. They give so much depth to the little characters. I keep checking on the website for stories to correspond to the photos in the gallery, I fess up - I am more interested in the dogs, but so many don't have one and a number do have links but to pages that don't exist. I have been voting for you everyday since the animal rescue site's contests have been running so I was happy to see your book at the vet clinic yesterday. I think your stories about each animal are an important aspect of your work, I hope you find the time to attend to them. Bless you for the wonderful work you do.


merry is a bit better...she is no longer ripping her skin off in tortured itchiness but her skin is totally gross. nicole just shaved and de-scabbed her a few days ago and last night i noticed she is literally covered again...i think it is from the mites dying under the skin...she is still on the baytril so she doesn't end up with a massive infection and on the antifungals. but we have been able to stop the steroids and tramadol so she is slowly getting there but it will be a very long road.