Rescue Journal

first of all...

Carol  ·  Jul. 31, 2011

omg brenda!..i come in from the barn a few minutes ago,,,tired, sweaty and starving...and there is the lunch you left in fridge...i wolfed down the sandwhich and guzzled the ice cold pop and now i am good to blog for a bit!!!

mo...your phone is on the shelf next to the door of the shop.
bridget...taking away a load of laundry would be greatly appreciated..thank you!

suzanne (you ziggy addict!)..he is doing good. the vets are coming this week to listen to his chest again cuz i think he might need antibiotics...i would rather be safe than sorry with him so it is better to get him checked out.
funny thing about him tho..last night when i put him to bed he wouldn't go. he obviously wanted a snuggle. so we spent a few minutes with his head shoved into my belly and my hands rubbing his face and then he said ok..i will go to bed now. he isn't oftemn hugely affectionate but i think sometimes he remembers he still is just a little boy. he mostly gets his warm and fuzzies from the cows when he needs them (those cows are ziggy's family) but last night he wanted them from me. he is such a good and sweet little donkey (not like that doorknob amos...who by the way i just had an update on and he is loving living in the lap of donkey luxury.)

christine...doris is pretty well settled in the kitchen. i certainly like her better over here because i have far more interaction with her. her eyes are still a constant worry and require a lot of care. she seems to be coming out of the reoccuring bad skin stage she was recently in and seems much more comfortable than she was...i do believe her skin allergies are seasonal. squirt especially likes to sleep with her..sometimes he gets a bit maniacal about licking her which pisses her off. but on the whole doris being so somber and stoic doris..i think she is doing pretty well.

cricket...gideon is doing great this year...far, far better than he was this time last year when i was so close to putting him down. he is not only holding his weight nice and steady and his appetite is great... but his unsteadiness on his feet is totally gone. he rarely trips anymore, and his arthritis has not been bothering him. he is no longer constipated and has good sized normal poops, (not those piddly ass little hard balls he used to pass)... and is even actually eating some hay. he and czar are pretty much inseparable (but that is because czar is a needy fruitcake and won't let gideon get more than a few feet away from him!) gideon is some kind of god to can just feel his wisdom in regarding all life things..he didn't get to be at the ripe old age that he is without learning a whole lot about living!,,,who knows..maybe i will be right and he will make it to 40 yrs old or more! I LOVE THAT HORSE!!!!

joan...cherry is a pain in the ass. i actually went shopping and cooked for her last week (and i NEVER cook!). i made her a mixture of hamburger, rice, peas and cream corn and we all thought it smelled really good. cherry stuck her tiny nose up in the air and said..."i want pizza instead!" bugger. anyway..i have cut her off pizza cuz she can't live on that alone (but i am giving her ice cream every day which she likes a lot instead!) and she is eating the food now that i made her so that is good. but don't let her frail appearence fool you...that tiny dog is a raging beast. when nicole was here a few days ago, i wanted us to clean up her face. cherry had a freaking fit and tried to kill both of us at the very same time. we only got a half assed job done but at least it was better than it was. cherry likes to make the rules and she is not taking any face washing crap from anyone without a big fight. she looks like some kind of freaked out evil bat thing when she is pissed off which i think is totally funny and cute. there is a very big and fearsome dog wrapped up in that little tiny body!

my 2 awwwws for the day....

smokey has fully attached to me..he is now my best buddy. his place is beside me at all times. that dog has the greatest face and he truly is good and kind. ewok is happy to see me but she doesn't have to be near me as much. she is good to say hello and get some loving and then head back to bed to wait for the canned food.

and oh my goodness there is a TON of personality inside tess our new girl. she was barking from her bed so i went to see what she wanted...not much...just to play with me with the toy she had found. when i stopped playing she whacked me with both of her feet to keep going for a while longer. when i finally dragged myself away to put the barn to bed..she HOPPED UP on the couch and stretched herself out and rolled and rubbed her face all around. tess is pretty damn content with the recent is like it gave her a new lease on life. heads up to everyone...when that dog gets some good pain control happening and starts to lose some weight....she is going to be a going concern and i think she is going to make us laugh every day.



mum is using the car most of this week, so it might wait until next week.


I just wanted to say I had a dream about pops. I'm sorry but it was not a very nice dream....likely a nightmare. I can just say he was at peace. Not a dream I ever want to have again. I hope he's feeling much better!


sorry catherine..sadly no pics of them til jenn gets back from her holiday...maybe next weekend?


I found your homemade hamburger ghoulash in baggies in the freezer today, and defrosted and reheated some for Cherry. It smelled really good and she did eat some of it, when she realized there was nothing "better" coming her way. (The rest of the baggie is in the fridge for her for later.) Also, I met and spent some time with Tess today. She is looovely! I laid down beside her on the karunda bed and she snuggled and nosed my hand every time I quit petting her. Her back-end looks just like Big Bambi's did when she arrived - like a fatty layer or fat suit all around it? Anyway, she is a doll for sure - and so is Kristy. Nice to be back, and glad you enjoyed the sandwich.