·  Aug. 2, 2011



Rose: Leila $25
Tex: Leila $25

Puck: Leila $25

Black Bart: Ashley $25
Cali: Tammy $25
Charlie: Tammy $25
Cash: Tammy $25
Cliff: Helga $25
Fruit Loop Trio: Leila $75
Granny: Tammy $25
Harrison: Anne $25
Harry: Dionne $25
Long John Silver: Suzanne $25
Mac: Elizabeth $25
Maestro: Tammy $25
Marvin: Tammy $25
Misty Meaghan & Heather M. $40
Monty: Joan $25
Mother Theresa: Helga $25
Oliver: Tammy $25
The Rock: Helga $25
Sage: Tammy $25
Sebastian: Kathy N $50
Snicker: Emma $50

Kathy N. will be sponsoring one more cat for $50

Classy Chicks: Carol H. $25
Helga: Barbra D. $25
Jerome: Barbra D. $25

Emily: Meghann $25
Joy: Meghann $25
Percy: Meghann $25

Alastair: Lynne $25
Andy: Carol L. $25
Angel: Carol L. $25
Bambi: Barb T. $30
Bambi 2: Lynne $25
Bud: Anne $25
Cherry: Joan $25
Daisy Too: Anne $25
Doris: Barb T. $30
Dusty: Wendy S $25, Derek & Jennifer $25
Esther: Erin $25
Ewok: Wendy S. $25
Fergus: Ashley $25
Griffin: Ian $25
Hilda: Barb T. $30
Jedi: Barb T. $30
Jelly: Kathy O $25, Wendy S. $25
Jerry: Laura $25
Jesse: Anne $25
Joey: Leia $25
Lucky: Wendy S. $25, Derek & Jennifer $25
Maybe: Carol L. $25
Merry: Barb T. $30
Mini Me: Bunny $25
Minnie Pearl: Lynne $25
Mystic: Wendy S. $25, Anne $25
Noelle: Erin $25
Paluchie: Anne $25
Shane: Elizabeth $25
Smoky: Wendy S. $25
Squirt: Brenda $50
Sweetie: Carol L. $25
Theya: Barb T. $30
Tina: Anne $25
Yoda: Barb T. $30
Kristy: Charlie $50
Tess: Charlie $50

Ziggy: Suzanne $25

Edwina: Kathy O $25
Floyd: Kathy O $25
Tiny Tim: Kathy O $25

Chewy: Bunny & Brent $25
Edith: Bunny & Brent $25
Gilbert: Bunny & Brent $25
Pete: Bunny & Brent $25

Czar: Mo $25
Dixie: Wendy S. $25
Gideon: Lory & Paul $25
Pops: Laura $25 Wendy S $25, Dionne $25, Bunny $25

Carl Elliot: Bunny $25

Ellie: Brent $25
Wilbur: Mo $25

Amber, Anthony H., Billy: Carol H. $25
Bon Jovi, Lincoln, Ray: Carol H. $25
Spiffy, Steven & Tu: Carol H. $25
Bob: Helga $25
O’Grady: Cathie K. $25
Princess Leia: Helga $25
Thumper: Cathie K $25

Annie: Cathie K $25
Caroline: Cathie K $25
Elizabeth: Cathie K $25

Crosby: Dionne $25

SAINTS animals still looking for sponsorships are all cats: Chief, Cocoa, Conan, Ebony, Maxine, Morgan, Pat, Tiger Woods -

  • Now All sponsored by Tammy Robson for $25 each, Ebony and Conan are also being sponsored by Charlie Beaucamp for $50 each.

Total for SAINTS animal sponsors right now is $3100



I was meaning to sponsor Wilbur & Czar for $50 each.. but $25 each is fine & I will reserve the remaining $50 in case the Intake Committee gets a request between now & Sept 24 and it turns out to be a Yes.

I am sorry but I am actually hoping a miniature horse ends up in need of a safe place... how sick is that !! Bad Mo


Please correct my sponsor amount for Snickers to read $50. I sent a cheque yesterday for $250. $200 for the Pain In The Ass table and the $50 is for Snickers sponsorship.


i have actually sent you a memory list in honor of copper, este and perdy. and that is a great quote. hello jenn please consider this.


Lynne, maybe you would like to have Copper placed on the table topper for the table you sponsored where he could be front and centre (where I am sure he would have liked to have been). For your quote on why you sponsor SAINTS, you could say something like "because SAINTS never gives up on dogs like Copper" Laura is sponsoring her table in honour of the SAINTS animals who are in foster.


wow awesome what a great gathering of people who are so attached to our animals and so supportive. we really do have the best people. yeah to all the supporters and just because all the animals are sponsored does not mean we can not sponsor them twice. come on people if you have a favorite sponsor them who hoo.


1.Please make any payments 3 ways:

1. Through Paypal – you can find PayPal on the Donate link which is to the right hand side of this page.
2. Send a check to written out to SAINTS to Sheila Kullar 15570 – 58A Ave. Surrey, B.C. V3S 4N8
3. If you are SAINTS volunteer, leave a cheque or cash in the MP room in the office. Mark the envelop for SAINTS animal/table sponsorship with your name and address on it.

Thanks so much, Leila


Thanks for pointing this out Meaghan, I see the difference in spelling now. Sometimes I don't pay attention to things like spelling so never a bother went pointing things like this out.


Meghann whom is sponsoring the cows is different from Meaghan and Heather M. whom are sponsoring Misty.... sorry for the bother.

Barbara T

Please post all 7 of the dogs I am sponsoring with the amount of $30.00 each.


Hi there,
There is going to be a cheque sent through the mail for forty dollars to sponsor Misty from Meaghan and Heather M.