Update on Table Sponsors - Why I Support SAINTS Campaign

 ·  Aug. 2, 2011

TABLE SPONSORSHIPS @ $200.00 ea. = $3200

1. Guardian Angels

2. Pet Friendly Canada

3. Tonnell Management Services

4. A.W. McGarvey Law Offices

5. Mo Stead

6. Leila and Sheila Kullar

7. Dawn Gleadhill

8. Feline Fancies

9. Lory and Paul Reynolds

10. Cathy Koulouris

11. Anju Jain

12. Lynne

13. Laura Bishop

14. Kathy Nay

15. Kathy Nay

16. Mary (Lynne’s very nice friend)

Table sponsors who haven't done so, please remember to send in a quote as to why you support SAINTS and up to 3 pictures you would like on your table topper




Hi Emma, you can email the pictures and quote for why you support SAINTS to Jenn at


Where do I email the photos too and quote?? I've got three ROYAL pain in the ass cat photos to add to table topper and yes one of the photos is the notorious ex-Saint Jenny Two Sproule (RIP)!!!.


i have a memory table for the dogs. i had no quote but i would like to say these dogs passed knowing they were loved and cherished and finished their life in a great place. they passed in warm lovig arms and i am sure felt peace and happiness how their lives could have ended is a horror story. just thankyou to saints for all you do.


Please make any payments 3 ways:

1. Through Paypal - you can find PayPal on the Donate link which is to the right hand side of this page.
2. Send a check to written out to SAINTS to Sheila Kullar 15570 - 58A Ave. Surrey, B.C. V3S 4N8
3. If you are SAINTS volunteer, leave a cheque or cash in the MP room in the office. Mark the envelop for SAINTS animal/table sponsorship with your name and address on it.

Thanks so much, Leila