Rescue Journal

cherry is not feeling so great...

Carol  ·  Aug. 3, 2011

just because i gave her a whole and entire personal pizza does not mean she had to eat the whole and entire personal pizza in one single go. i found her after my bath wobbily sitting in the middle of the empty dinner plate regretfully thinking.."i cannot believe i ate the whole thing" as miss overstuffed wobbled to and fro. that thing should have lasted her into tomorrow with small little snacks here and there as the mood struck, she wasn't supposed to keep eating til there was no more pizza left in sight! the cherry pit has become a bottomless pizza pit...or a miniscule gluttonous dumbo.

anyway....she better not be planning a death by pizza cuz i can do without that kind of guilt. from now on i will only give her half a pizza because apparently she is totally incapable of restraining herself...that little pizza freak is a total pain in the ass.

i took the plate away and settled her into bed and hopefully she will sleep her excessive food fest off by morning. i will never with-hold pizza from her's temporay loss (wow..3 whole days??) turned her from a polite pizza snacker into some kind of crazed pizza gobbler...who'd have thought her reaction would have been so great?



bad kidneys which we already know...and hopefully it is just another bladder or kidney infection bringing her down. the urine results will be back in a few days so we will know for sure then. in the mean time she is on antibiotics and scarfing down her pizza so i think she is pretty much ok...she ate another half of one first thing this morning...geez that tiny little dog can sure pack pizza away!