Rescue Journal

it has been a productive day...

Carol  ·  Aug. 4, 2011

i finally put all of my clean laundry away..the stacked baskets in my bedroom looked like i was hoarding laundry..(not really... just my drawers were empty!)
i finally cleaned my bathroom...woohoo...gonna have a nice hot bath in a clean bathroom tonight!
and i changed my bed linens so i am happy on the personal side!

merry is in at the vets..she is staying in overnight in maple ridge..she is having a stim test for cushings and it was easier for me to leave her then come back today again. i will be taking tess in tomorrow so i can bring her home then.

kristy had her vet check..her eye is totally collapsed. the vet said as long as it isn't bugging her or getting infected we can just leave it since it is gone. it just means she has an empty socket, vs. a nice closed incision where the eye was. she had her bloodwork and once that is back, i will book her for her dental. her heart sounded good.

we picked up the first of the cats from the spca hoarding seizure (same home as kristy and tess came from)..they are as follows...(and will need sponsors for the gala!)

in the holding pen outside the bird aviaries...(maestro and sage got moved back into the medical room for now.) a small dilute and very shy torte who has ear mites and URI.
blanche... is a shy long haired black and white with URI, a nasty mouth, ear mites and apparently was badly stained with urine and feces..she looks a bit better now.
bea (bianca)... is a friendly little tabby and white with ear mites, URI and a bad mouth.
all three need to be re-tested for FELV..they just tested negative but they were in with weak positive cats so they need re-testing in a few weeks.

in the cages outside of the holding pen are...
cage 1... bonnie blue eyes.. very sweet tabby/siamese cross. she has a bad eye, URI, ear mites, needs a dental and is weak positive for FELV.
cage (desiree) is a very friendly tabby and white with URI, ear mites, needs a dental and is weak positive for FELV.

the next set will probably come in this weekend or sometime next week (they still have to be tested and we really only have room for FELV's).... i may need help for transport from chilliwack (if anyone is free and able) depending on which day they are ready cuz i am working mon-fri.

tess had her first swim in the pond..i missed it but i heard she swam pretty well. i really like this dog.... she has a ton of getting the hang of loving life lurking just under the surface. today she barged out of my room and discovered life in the kitchen...fat dogs ALWAYS love hanging out in the kitchen.

i should call this blog As the (rescue) World Turns....cuz life here just never stays still!



Carol, I live in Abbotsford. I am working Sat and Sun, but am off Mon and Tues if you need any transport.

Lori Paul

I'm available to help transport cats from Chilliwack almost your service, Ma'am!


carol, I will have some free time at my work over the next couple of weeks so if you could take the time to jot down the verbage for the sign (I already have the plywwod) for the driveway I can work on that for you. I'll track you down on Sunday as we will be on-site.