Rescue Journal

oh freaking yay.

Carol  ·  Aug. 4, 2011

i had my nice and lovely hot steaming bath in my very nice and clean bathroom. it bugged me that i left the cobwebs alone but i want the spiders to have good opportunities to catch many mosquitos.

as i am soaking and enjoying occurs to me that i can hear the pump still running. it seemed to take an awful long time to refill the pump and the hotwater tank....hmmm.....maybe the outside water storage tank is getting close to empty? so i finished my bath and i sprayed the tub down with windex and i turned on the water to hose it clean. shit...not a drop of water came.
i got dressed and hiked out to the tank and pounded down on the sides...and it seemed to me that the tank was 1/4 full so why were the house taps dry?
further investigation found that my water tank was pouring water from the bottom staight down in to the crawl space. oh yay..i just wasted a tank of water, my crawl space is flooded to kingdom come and we have no water and no way to get any water until i get a new hot water tank put in.

so i made the call and the plumber will be here at 3 pm tomorrow... hopefully we can get all fixed up in the late afternoon and be good to go again soon. (could use some help ewith the laundry tomorrow if anyone can come and grab some please.)

anyway... forget what i said about a productive gawd damn freaking well sucks in pretty much every single expensive way.



windex is good for spraying on mosquito bites, it takes away the itch..(i learned that from watching my big fat greek wedding)....maybe i better quit doing that too.


oh oh, SAINTS has slipped to number 3 in the Shelter Challenge. Keep voting people.


Well that SUCKS! :(

(And yeah, vinegar and water a great cheap and non toxic cleaner and as a bonus is said to absorb odours. Something I can appreciate with only 3 critters and 3 kidlets.)


hi carol, have renee pack up the laundry and i will come by to get it. have to wait for an express post from the mailman but have her put it outside the gate for me to take. or renee if you read this will get it tomorrow.

Angela H

Hi Carol, really crappy way to end the night!! Anyways I know you probably have a million different things to deal with but I cringed when you wrote that you sprayed your bathtub with windex. Windex is full of chemicals and fragrances that you really shouldn't be breathing in or having a chemical residue left on your bathtub. If you used a solution of half vinegar half water in a spray bottle, sprayed the tub and gave it a quick wipe with a cloth, it would be just as effective, better for you and the environment and a lot cheaper! Just my two cents. :)


Hey carol, I'm going back to 8 in the morning to start my shift ( for sure this time).