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i think we may have a...

Carol  ·  Aug. 6, 2011

hermamorphone a chicken that is half male and half female....or we have one that has completely changed sex (which i can't find out if this much written about possiblity is fact or myth.) some sources site that 1 in 10,000 chickens can change sex. other researchers say that exposure to high doses of hormones in utero and then suffering a traumatic incidence to one of their ovaries sometime after they are out and about from the egg... can lead to 1 in 10,000 becoming hermamorphones in their lifetimes....equally both male and female at the very same time....they are split right down the middle.

all i know is one year ago we rescued 11 full adult and spent battery laying hens and now there is a white rooster where there used to be a white hen.

and while i find it mildly interesting that hens can become roosters or...more likely...that they can be half and half and can switch the dominent gender for some odd mostly just pisses me off cuz that white rooster is in with jerome's group and one day they are going to try poking out the other's eye...(been there, jerome did that to poor getting old rusty after living with him peacefully for almost 4 years.)

honestly for all of the species living here...those man-made mutated battery chickens are the biggest pain in the ass. they are either trying to cannabalize each other, or prolapsing their egg producing organs or about to partake in poking out eyes, or dying for no apparent reason and now they are switching genders and messing up my chicken housing plan.

geezuz freaking batshit! this is just one of the utterly stupid things that i have to deal with every day of my life! (you have to be kidding me???....freaking sex changing chickens????...apparently i was right when they came in and i called them the frankenstien chickens) the whole thing just boggles my brain!

sigh...our chicken/rooster is gender confused....and i need therapy before those poor messed up, factory produced birds drive me insane.

oh and the new/old white hen/rooster's new name is being changed from cassie (with 11 various spellings) to caspar-the-was-a-hen-is-now-a-rooster-ghost-bird.

a pain in the ass but interesting bird...needs an interesting and big pain in the ass to say name.



How about Orlando for a name (as in that strange movie starring Tilda Swinton)?

Bunny Horne

So basically we have a "trans-gender" chicken at SAINTS. At the PRIDE parade last weekend there was an entry in the parade for chickens. Who knew.

colleen b

"geezus freaking batshit" made me laugh out loud for real!

This whole thing intrigues long did it take she to turn into he?