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be honest now...

Carol  ·  Aug. 7, 2011

how many of us are able to let dogs be dogs without freaking out about them enjoying being dogs?...cuz i am telling you what grosses us out does not neccessarily gross out dogs.

i love mystic...she is so cheerfully innocent, everything about her is about enjoying living a good life. her puffy pom pom tail and her happy smile speak volumes of pure joy every day.

so mystic has found her own interactive candy on demand machine....i was out at the barn and watching her use it...pretty ingenius if you ask me...i was totally impressed.

she follows wilbur around and she pokes her nose in his butt...wilbur obliguingly pops out a little round poop ball and mystic eats it up. she pokes again and gets another makes her happy and wilbur doesn't seem to mind at all. mystic has found her very own cooperative walking pig pez dispenser to have a few treats from every day.

so while i think it is pretty damn smart AND pretty damn cute..i am wondering how many normal folks would actually let their puppy have her own pez????


Marla in SD

For a change I needed tissues because I was laughing so hard I cried! I have this picture in my head that will make me laugh ALL DAY! Not so much in the summer, but during the winter three of my four dogs go pick up poopsicles - not that I particularly care for it and I do make them stop when I catch them, but it's not too bad until they want to come give me kisses, and that's where I draw the line. And my chow burps on a regular basis year 'round, so when she's enjoying her extra "treats", you can barely stand to be near here! Thanks for the laugh!


oooh/ it does not bother me but when you put it that way. anyways i think it is hillarious that mystic has found her own candy machine. you have to laugh at that or you really have no sense of humour.


Ha Ha Tammy my sister used to call that Almond Roca for dogs.. up until that point Almond Roca was a favorite of mine.. not so much now : - )


Not to mention when they are lined up at the litter box watching and waiting for the poor cat to finish her business. Not only is it fresh its got a crunchy coating.


Ok so for me..fresh out of the oven & eaten before it has hit the ground, is way more than I can take.. I also have a hard time when Ziggy has a snotty nose..

I remember a vet telling me there is nothing wrong with a dog eating horse won't harm them in any way & we humans should stop being so particular..I can handle the horse, pig & cow poop eating but for some strange reason a dog eating dog poop... brings out a gag reflex for me... go figure


Thanks. I needed that - both the support and the visual. Left me laughing.


hey hillevi not to ain't alone..i watch mo holding back retches almost every weekend over something or other!!! (and mo! i saw that little retch when you saw what mystic was doing!) in fact her favorite story is the first time she came here way back when we had just started...she saw wilbur the pug (not wilbur the pig) catching fresh poop as it came out..she said it grossed her out so badly...she almost didn't come back!


Don't get me wrong - I am laughing the entire time I am reading this. If my Precious wants to go roll in the mud or jump into the pool I am all for it. Poop eating, however wonderful to her, is really gross to me and I guess that is where I would have to step in. I am a total animal lover, except when they attack me or my dog. I love animals!

cheryl and stef

yup all of ours are horse and goat poop crazy. soft serve in the summer and poopcicles in the winter...the only thing is that we will sometimes see it again in the house when they decide that they have eaten too much and puke the darn stuff back up....and it stinks even more the 2nd time around....Hey with all the saints dogs they should be able to clean your stalls and paddocks in no time...Way to go Mystic she is part of your pooper scoopers.


So on a scale of 1 to 10, is this better or worse than her eating one of your favorite flip-flops? LOL!


well if it is a nutritional lack thing...then ALL of the dogs who come here have poop, pig poop, cow poop....half of the fun in running in the fields is eating a herbavores poop it seems...even the tiny poodles and city slicker chi's! i think it is just a totally natural to dogs in general thing.

coyotes actually survive the lean times in the winter by eating the droppings of deer, cattle it must have some kind of nutritional value...whatever, they like each his own..i will stick to peanut butter pirate cookies.

Donna S.

Don't wolves/coyotes eat the contents of the stomach of the animals they kill because they contain those kind of nutrients (from grains/grasses, etc.) that the carnivores need but don't necessarily go out and eat on their own? I wonder if Mystic (in her own magical way) is doing kind of the same thing by eating the pig poops? Or.....maybe she just likes having a piggy pez dispenser. LOL. It's hard sometimes to let dogs just be dogs - Josie-beast likes to roll in the most horrible stinkiest things she finds on our walks, and likes to play in the muddiest of muds. It's a pain in the ass for me, but it makes her so happy that I just let her go for it at the time (but she does get a bath when we get home for the stinky stuff). I think ya just gotta let them be dogs sometimes. :0)


Don't forget about that Lantus and the bottle of Lasix in the fridge. Also two cat/small dog tents on desk in MP room as well.


Oh I had a good laugh, and I guess, only dog loooooovers find that amusing.


I guess - I know - I would not let my dog do that. I guess I now know where I draw the line. Would there be a nutritional/medical reason why Mystic is doing that?