Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 8, 2011

i'm just saying that sometimes the natural nature of dogs makes us uncomfortable...our best friends eat poop, lick their privates in public, hump each other while playing and stick their noses in other creatures butts. and that is in addition to....mining our backyards, getting into the garbage and ripping apart our brand new flip flops.

and how do we react to this?...well...we either get mad at them all of the time....or...we try to train them to be good and polite little furry humans. some dogs have an easier time following our incomprehensible socially acceptable rules, they do (or don't do) what we ask because they are cooperative and helpful and want us to be happy...even if they think our rules are pretty damn stupid.

it is the other dogs..the ones who just can't get it...(like beagles...) who find themselves always on the wrong end (the dog end) of human right...their lives are full of getting in trouble for what feels natural and alright.

i believe dogs live under the burden of human expectations for most of their lives..they are sensitive enough to know the difference between pleasing and pissing off people and it does add a lot of extra stress and pressure to their lives. some dogs don't deal with that stress very well.

and i think that is why, once they settle...they do pretty well at saints. they can pretty much be the dogs that they are without too much interference...except for biting each other or pulling the pack leader bully boss card...cuz that does piss me off. i know that this too is totally natural but even i have my limits and i don't accept unkindness or expectation is...we all live together in peace.

oh...and i am having a hard time with the barking (or tina's glass shattering shrieking) i will amend that to living quietly together in peace.

i just think we could chill out a bit and not get our knickers into such knots when dogs are being dogs..if they are safe and not really hurting anyone..if they are happy and enjoying their life...let them roll in poop, or eat it if they want, don't get mad if they dig a hole, or hump their best bud or stick their nose in someone's butt and the grand scheme of things....who honestly gives a shit about a pair of accessible to them, chewed up flip flops?



They are certainly all wonderful animals and very lucky to have landed at SAINTS.


i know. it was funny yesterday when zoe and i had the 5 big kitchen dogs out in the memorial gardens. noelle decided she was going to stick her nose right up big bambis butt, then was going to go at her for several minutes. i did take noelle away as i did not want to piss big bambi off and have her go after noelle. not sure carol if she does this in the house. did not think it was a good thing tho as all the big kitchen dogs do have somewhat of an attitude. you think? they did all have a great time and just meandered around looking for food, digging holes and just getting pets and kisses. not noelle tho after the butt licking episode. lol.