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there is a reason that i am usually almost always a few minutes late for work...

Carol  ·  Aug. 9, 2011

actually there are over one hundred reasons..this mornings reason was tess...we had a long winded discussion.

she started at 5 am barking to wake me up..i said "tess the alarm is set for 6 am so please shut the hell up!"
she did not cooperate but that is ok...i just ignored her and went back to sleep. when the alarm went of at 6 am i got up as promised and headed for the kitchen.
fatty tess barged right thru the doors with me and proceeded to try to get into the bathroom with me!

wait for me

tess...."hey! that's a new room..i haven't had a chance to look around in there yet!"
me..."no you don't missy, you are too big for this room and the two of us won't fit."

so she sulked around in the kitchen, picking up the odd piece of food off the floor. i had my tea and checked the email and then told tess it was time for her to go back to the other side. she got as far as the entranceway and then spied jelly's vacated bed. tess made a dash for it and plopped herself down in the middle of it.

me..."come on tess..lets go..back in the bedroom you go."
tess looked at me for a second and started washing her feet.
me..."tess! lets go, i need to get ready for work."
tess just turned her head in the opposite direction to study the wall by her nose.
grrhh..fine! i huffed off to get dressed. i collected up my keys and cell phone and then went back into the entranceway.

me.."ok, that's it now you have to move."
tess rubbed her face on the puffy bed and said..."i don't think so."
me..."look tess, you can't stay in here..jelly is not always nice."
tess said with a yawn.."she seems fine to me" and rested her head on her paws.
it is getting late and i still have the mp dogs and their meds to do so i grab a box of triscuits and pull out a few.
me..."look you wanna have a cookie???" as i wave one in front of her face. she looks mildly interested but not enough to actually get off jelly's bed...."hey tess, i am going to give it to jelly...see! she really wants a cookie too!" and i hand the triscuit to jelly who holds it in her mouth for all of one second and then spits it out on the floor...."i don't like dry salty wheat." says jelly staring in disappointment at the cracker next to her feet.

tess..."i don't like dry salty wheat either so no thank you. i will pass too."

got anything better?

tess stretches out comfortably and rolls to her side...."so go then, no one is stopping you."
i finally grab a leash and i loop it over her neck and she finally moves her butt and grudgingly gets off jelly's bed.

tess grumbles as she walks into the bedroom..." i knew that whole self-actualization thing was just bullshit...i LIKED that bed!!!"

and i was 5 minutes late for work..... again.

thanks Carol, My Bed



apparently she is a border collie but before we shaved her, she looked like a giant matted mixed sheltie!


look at her.. round as a bell! i've never seen such a plump dog. (i remember you mentioning her before).


that story is hillarious carol you have quite the gift, if you ever give up animal rescue you can go into story book writing. does sound so like tess and she really is a big girl and hard to move. i can picture it tho too funny.


Oh Carol; I love that dialogue between you and Tess! On Sunday, when Lynne and I were leaving Tess decided she wanted to stay outside on the cement (outside big dog room). She plopped herself down, and when Lynne or I tried to coax her into the house she just laid down on her side all stretched out, as if to say "No thanks, I'm quite comfy here." So, I put a dish of water out beside her, and Lynne left the sliding door open enough for her to poke her nose in, and push it open if she wanted to get back in, and we left her lounging in the sun.- and told Laura she was outside. I think she's using her SIZE to her advantage, knowing no one can possibly pick her up and move her!!