Gabbing about the Gala ... UPDATE!

Jenn  ·  Aug. 11, 2011

Hello SAINTS supporters,

First and foremost I would like to give you all a big kudos for helping with our biggest event of the year: The Wishes 4 Whiskers annual gala --and ultimately the vital work SAINTS does with senior and special needs animals. We are so close to our goals but not quite there yet ... we still have some more tickets to sell, we still need some more silent auction items, and there are still a few tables left to sponsor.


We have currently sold about half (75 out of 150) of the available tickets (this is up from last year at this time). What that means to you is ... if you were thinking about purchase a table of tickets you better do it quick. The benefit of purchasing a table of tickets (8) is that you get to sit with your friends/family and also the price of the per ticket is a lot less. An individual ticket is $60 but a table of 8 is $400 (that's only $50 a ticket).

What does your 50 or 60 buckets get you? A fantastic, entertaining, and warm and fuzzy evening filled with like-minded and hearted individuals. You will enjoy a fantastic pasta buffet, dessert and multimedia presentations. Plus we have some incredible silent auction items as well--lots of liquor and wine baskets, a trip to maui, an HP computer ... and much much more :)

to purchase tickets please email:

that brings me to my next topic ...


We need about 30 more items for our auction. We have done a lot of silent auctions over the years and what we have learned is there are certain items that will get a better price than others (i.e. bids closer to the full value)--items such a liquor, wine, and gift card fall into this covetted category. If you or someone you know would like to help us by donating an item for the silent auction please email:

and last but not least ...


For those that want to give a little extra or cannot attend the event but would like to help out. You can Sponsor a table or an animal. Hooray all of our on-site animals have been sponsored. We have sold 16 out of 19 tables. We all would love to have the last 3 tables sponsored. This is $200 to do and is totally tax deductible. A company, person, or family can sponsor a table and the more people you get to chip in the less it costs each person. For example it would only be $10 a person for 20 people :)

What I need from the sponsors that have already committed to sponsor, please email me three pictures for your table topper and a one-liner. All of the 19 tables at the gala will have a three-sided table topper. So you can email me up to 3 pictures for each table you are sponsoring and a one-liner about why you support saints. Your pictures can be a company logo, a picture of yourself, a picture of your pets, a picture of your kids, or a picture of some of your favourite saints that have passes away--really anything. The one-liner might make you nervous so if you need help just email me. But I would suggests just coming up with something simple from your heart because I have a weird sense of humour just like my mom and I might come up with something like ... "because saints lets dogs be dogs and enjoy their own piggy poop pez dispensers" haha did you see that blog post > too funny:

Anyways, if you can email me your pictures and blurb ASAP that would be great because I need to get the images to the printer to print the beautiful toppers. In addition, we will be putting a list of the 19 table sponsors in the event program for our 150 guests and animals lovers.

If you have not already paid for your sponsorship and are wondering how you have 3 options:

1. Through Paypal – you can find PayPal on the Donate link which is to the right hand side of this page.
2. Send a check to written out to SAINTS to Sheila Kullar 15570 – 58A Ave. Surrey, B.C. V3S 4N8
3. If you are SAINTS volunteer, leave a cheque or cash in the MP room in the office. Mark the envelop for SAINTS animal/table sponsorship with your name and address on it.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email me:

Ooooo Ahhhh

Hope to see you at the Gala.



my god that is a perfect pic of ellie. hope you get 3 more sponsors for the tables.


Hi Jenn - I emailed you three photos and a one liner the other day to your hotmail address and the volunteer address. Did you get them?