Rescue Journal

the major and the minor...

Carol  ·  Aug. 11, 2011

pain in the asses.

the minor are just annoying and irritating..the majors can be dangerous to the others who live here.

right now at this moment...we have four major pain in the butts...meanie sweetie who sucks with small dogs....noelle and jesse who pretty much suck with everyone and jelly who only sucks over food.

and i don't have four seperate sucking dog rooms.

so apparently noelle is escalating, she definitely has it in for big bambi 2 and that was with big bambi actually getting noelle down in the last argument this afternoon. dionne took noelle out for a long walk, and then i got home and waited for them to come back. as soon as noelle came into the computer room, she started for bambi again, except this time i was in her way. i grabbed her and brought her down to the floor and gave her supreme pissed off shit. she was ok for half an hour until she saw me petting bambi then she got up to go after her again. i intercepted her with my deadly finger and sent her back to lay down. but i can't be here every second of every day which means noelle now has to move out of the house.

it looks like we have to do a bunch of switch arounds again...noelle over to the office..jesse back to the big dog room..the gate to my bedroom will have to stay closed and locked so fergus and the little guys stay out. i think i might try tess, smokey and ewok over in the computer room...meanie sweet won't bug them cuz they are bigger than her.

honestly it would be far easier and less stressful just to knock off the major pain in the asses and be done with it all...i don't know why we go to such lengths to keep dickheads alive but they are freaking lucky and they better note that right now..i feel like shit so they should try to be majorly nice.



but he gave up missy because he is travelling quite a bit. that was the problem.


That person who fostered Missy might like Noelle to foster. From what I remember, he kind of likes dogs with attitudes.


off the topic, on tues aug 9, the timeshad a really nice article in on hearts on noses page a3. i know carol knows and has had dealings with janice, just thought it might be of interest to read. crap too bad about all the pains in the ass dogs. makes it really tough. maybe noelle should be on a tuesday adoption blog. nice if she got a home by herself.


Carol, who has the other cats from the seizure in abbotsford? A friends cat went missing around there and he's wondering if the person took his cat in and then was seized. Thanks!