Animal Updates

Meet the new guys

Jenn  ·  Aug. 14, 2011

A bunch of new incomings I know you are all eager to meet.

SAINTS has taken in another 5 cats from the hoarding/cruelty siezure. A week ago we took in 5. It is a lot of us because we are so full but there was over 30 cats siezed from this house that was condemed. These are all really nice cats. Here are the newest arrivals.

This is Cindy. She is grey and white and has some interesting markings. She is very sweet and affectionate.

This is Gabby. She looks like a little black furball. She is small and fluffy and has bright beautiful green eyes. She is also very sweet and affectionate.

This is Gary. He was shy at first but as soon as he knew I was friendly he could not get enough pets and was a total love muffin.

This is Flora. She spent most of her time in her pink bubble house but loved to have her face, chin, and head pet. I did notice she was a bit cranky with some of the other cats when they ventured too close to her Pink Castle. She is probably stressed.

And last but certainly not least is the big girl, Roxy. I totally fell in love with her at first sight because I just love big fluffy kitties. She is like a grey version of Marshmellow. She is totally sweet and a total snuggle muffin.

And the happy news for the weekens is that long-time saints Pat has finally found his forever home. One of our volunteers, Curt has taken him home on a trial. Pat has patiently waited a long time for his home so we are sad to see him go but so happy that he will finally be loved and treasured in a great home.

farewell friends



I am slowly getting these two acquainted. It's actually my roommates dog. Pat is getting spoiled beyond his wildest dreams (all of his very own stuff) including new covered poo bin catnip toy, bag o cat weed (catnip) treats, me to sleep with at night. We are a great team, thanks again Carol, he is sitting on my bed right now cleaning himself (his place now). I am waiting for the day he gives the dog a swat to enforce his catness


Yay Pat!! That made my day today. Yes Lynne the past 2 weeks I've tried to slip past you undetected and pretend I've been there since nine sharp! So far no success. But I make up for it staying late, extra laundry and of coarse my charm and good looks ;) Haha. What can I say, mornings are not my strong suit. Happy Anniversary today Lynne, I hope you are having a great night tonight!


you know, what is there not to love about all the animals at saints the troublemakers, the sweet ones, i do not get it. i can not fathom someone not loving an animal and wanting to help it. they are so innocent and so much a victim of peoples stupidity. i look at tess and i see a great dog that has been royally shit on. and maybe not intentionally, no fair she is so sweet and just needs all the love she can get and i am sure she will get it at saints. who could not help but love her. she lays there and just wants her pets and hugs and i am so hoping she will come around.


They are all quite beautiful and their eyes speak volumes. Hooray for landing at SAINTS! Congratulations to Curt and Pat! I hope Pat and Curt's dog get along well.


lol anyways another wonderful day at saints with zoe dianna and ashley. they are so great to work with. i love to bug zoe she is young and fun and say welcome to the afternoon shift. she says she is on summer hours and can be a bit later. i have already had some response to the volunteers table wit h helga now donating. thanks a bunch helga. if we can get quite a few volunteers we will not have to put so much in, and laura will take any moneys also thanks guys let me know.