Rescue Journal

puff daddy (aka..kai) is back...

Carol  ·  Aug. 14, 2011

he bit someone yesterday. the dog is a dickhead and judging by his first few minutes back...he is even more of a dickhead then when he left.... oh yay. remind me to shoot myself some day..i am so tired of freaking dickheads. his adoptive family did ask if they could put him down...sigh...i should have said yes.

and does anyone know about a preschool tour here tomorrow cuz a grandparent just told me apparently their grandchild is coming here? and i know nothing about it. she called her daughter in law and she looked at the preschool calendar and it clearly says saints tour on monday?????

maybe i should shoot myself (along with that dingbat puff daddy).... today.

i just went back thru the blog (yay to having a running diary) puff came in the middle of sept 2009 and left in early oct 2009...but i seemed to like him back i guess maybe i will eventually like him again?

hope floats.



Oh Carol I'm so sorry to hear that Puff Daddy has found his way back to Saints because of his issues. I was hoping he had found his forever family....... Thank you for always taking the problem ones back if they need you, I respect you for that(among the many things I respect you for).


what the heck...a preschool tour. would you not be the only one who has authority to book something like that. pre school age bracket seems pretty young to be running around Saints...hopefully 1 adult per rug


oh doGs ... not that numskull haha. You may have liked him but I sure did not. It just proved what an idiot he is for screwing up his perfect home!

Angela H.

Hi Carol, can you please turn your phone on and call us. Thank you!