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Take Me Home Tuesday: Ewok & Smokey Mad Love

Jenn  ·  Aug. 16, 2011


Ewok & Smokey are brother and sister and they are 13 years old. They recently came to SAINTS rescue after their 90 year old owner went into a care facility. They are wonderful dogs--social, quiet, well behaved, and they get along really well with the other animals and people. They love to be pet and they love to go for walks and play. They are totally bonded, bestfriends with one another and are looking for a great retirement home together.

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Carol Ann

those two are so sweet and they look like an old married couple. If I didn't have 5 I would be begging for them to come here.

Ann C

Ditto Bunny & Lynne, they are the lovliest of dogs, gentle, sweet and everything a dog should be, I hope they find the best ever forever home. Lovely poem, made me cry! Looking forward to seeing everyone again on Sunday.


a beautiful poem and so true. thanks for sharing. we all deserve a little bit of heaven on earth hope those 2 beautiful dogs get their forever home.


Ok I just found this poem via Turtle Gardens.

Rescuers are Angels

Tail tucked between your legs,
Confusion in your eyes
I know its hard to understand
That someone heard your cries

When loneliness is all you know
And pain is all you feel
And no one can be trusted
And hungers all too real....

Thats the time the Lord sees you
And let you know he's there
Thats when he sends his messengers
The hearts that love and care

Yes,rescuers are angels
You cannot see their wings
They keep them neatly folded
As they do their caring things.

The medicine to make you well
Good food to make you strong
And finally help you to learn
That hugs are never wrong.

The perfect place then must be found
The home where you can live.
Secure and safe and happy
With joy to get and give

When you reach your Forever home,
Your place to feel whole.
The Angels smile,and off they go
To save another soul.
~~~Author unknown

Bunny Horne

Seriously people, these are the nicest dogs ever and they love love love each other. If I had a house Ewok and Smokey would be at the top of my list to adopt. They are gorgeous and have great personalities. These two love bugs deserve a fabulous FOREVER home.