Rescue Journal

the short of it all...

Carol  ·  Aug. 17, 2011

i talked to the vet...monty's mouth is 40% better...marvin's is 70% improved so we will keep on the current plan for now and see how they both continue to do.

floie's bloodwork is back...some stuff that indicates chronic infection (ears and skin) and her urine results point to bladder stones but none showed up on the xrays. so the plan is to get her in for a spay, tumour removal and have a look inside her bladder while she is under anaesthetic.

tammy brought me a new keyboard and ryan hooked it only do all of the keys work...but it is not missing any either!

tess is feeling a bit low...she has diarrhea and i think her stomach is upset. we started her on some flagyl for now and will see if that helps. might have to get her in sooner then her re-check appointment next week.

angel is also still a bit off ...renee did get her to eat and there has been no further vomitting. but i think her bloodsugars are off a bit now. we will see how she is feeling at bedtime.

the kineisiologist called me about pops tonight..he will try to see him next week. i still want to do some therapy and stretching to stop his fetlock from further contracting.,,,still waiting on the ferrier for his new orthopedic shoe..his shoeing apprentice was off on holidays but is now back so hopefully we will get it for pops soon.

everyone else seems pretty ok...merry's skin is still disgusting. geez demodex treatments are such a long haul and we are getting impatient for her skin to start to improve.

tonight i have a new book...cowboys and aliens (my son said he heard the movie sucked and i did want to see i bought the book instead and am hoping it doesn't suck cuz i think the the premise is pretty unique)
so that is it for blogging tonight unless something big decides to happen...i am hoping to settle everyone to bed with all of their meds and lose myself in a western sci-fi.



I hope Mycat keeps getting better! 40% improvement seems very promising.

Marla in SD

We saw Cowboys & Aliens last weekend. First, Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford - even if the movie was awful, the eye candy was worth it! It was very different, but an enjoyable couple of hours with my husband and friends. If you're looking for something that's going to make you think, give it up - this isn't the movie - but if you're just looking to watch a shoot-em-up blow-up-the-aliens entertainment sort of an evening, this might be just the thing. And there's a great Border Collie/Australlian Shepherd in it, which for me was just an additional treat...

Sounds like you have your hands full as always, but I'm glad things are improving. I keep having this vision of doing a slippers, books, and keyboards drive for Carol... And putting everything in big plastic bins that the dogs can't get into. Of course, it doesn't work at my house, so I don't know why I think it'll will work with a fluffy white slipper thief in the midst...


Make sure to keep your book away from "Mischeif Mystic" too! I'm sure you don't want it eaten either :)


floie has a lot of blood in her urine...sorry..i didn't explain that too well...i think they are planning on scoping her to have a look since there is no infection present either (no one actually said it but maybe looking for a bladder cancer in there??). floie is an absolutely adorable little black cockaoo..the vet thinks maybe 7 or 8...sweet, sweet dog!!!!

merry is less itchy, she just has to wear a t-shirt and is not coned up and mummy wrapped anymore...but despite 2x week bathing she just scabs up right away again all is totally gross.

i am glad to hear that it good cuz i thought the trailers looked great!...maybe i will wait for the movie to come out on DVD and watch it with the bed buddies! so far the book is ok...i am only a few pages into it so far.
not to worry brenda..sigh....i probably won't totally starve missing another sunday luncch.


Heads up to Sunday house volunteers: I've been asked at work to help out another house that's in crisis this weekend, so I'm really sorry but I will not be coming to SAINTS. I'm very disappointed as I missed last weekend too. I will bring the money for the sponsorship, and for Lynne's volunteer table when I come the following weekend - I promise! Ann, I think you're back this Sunday - I hope? If you are, try to keep Lynne in check. Thanks


It's always interesting to read the updates on everyone.
Poor little Merry, hopefully some of the itchiness has at least subsided a little.
What kind of dog is Floie?

By the way, my 2 teens and I saw Cowboys and Aliens and really liked it. It is quite different, a real change from all the other movies out this summer. And it's Spielberg. And Harrison Ford still looks pretty good :)


Great news about Marvin and Monty.
I know Marvin has really started to come around the last couple of weeks, its good to see him devour 3 or 4 cans of Fancy Feast without issue.
Hopefully Monty will also reach that stage.


Hey Carol, Never heard of bladder stones that don't show up on an X-ray. They are very radio-opaque so they show up very bright. Also never heard of opening up a bladder based on urinalysis and not X-rays. Maybe ask Sue about it tomorrow at Daisy's appointment? Cheers Sherie

Bunny Horne

I heard the movie was good, but maybe I was talking to alien - or probably more a cowboy. Keep Mystic from the keyboard.