Rescue Journal

if wishes were dollars i'd be freaking rich.

Carol  ·  Aug. 18, 2011

oh yay..i actually remembered to check the level of the water in the tank today. it is pretty damn low...just enough for tomorrow..i called allied and they will deliver tomorrow so one disaster diverted for the day. i left a cheque for $366 in an envelope, taped to the tank...ouch.

i took a couple of hours off this afternoon as an LOA without pay. i had some vet runs to do and it is too hard to do them when i am working my current 6 weeks of monday to friday 830-5pm.

sebastion is out on a foster trial with my son and daughter in all depends on how their cat lily reacts to him..she is a bit of a fiesty and emotionally sensitive girl! sebastion never did get a vet check when he came in...i didn't book him in cuz he wasn't that old and he seemed pretty healthy and had spent the last 6 years as an indoor hospice cat..his past history of chronic URI issues, never really flared up much here. anyway...surprizingly enough..he has a cardiac arrythmia..AND a sore ear....and i never saw any symptoms of either! he has his ear meds...and he wwill get a recheck in a couple of weeks for that and then we will see how his heart rate is at that time before proceeding any further. apparently he was pretty freaked out with the exam and bloodwork so maybe that had something to do with it all. we will have to wait and see.

puff daddy is pretty damn cute.
floie is absolutely adorable.
minnie pearl is a freaking crazy nutbar who's favorite thing is to scream in my face while making intense eye contact with me.
all of the new guys are doing quite well and comfortably settling in.
i noticed today that cliff isn't looking so great so i will have to get him checked out soon. it is probably his feline leukemia finally catching up to him, but just in case it is something else that is treatable, i better get him in.

singing in my head tonight my newest favorite song....

"if i was a rich (wo) da la da la da, la da da da..."
big sigh.


Angela H

Sebastian has settled in really well! He is in his own room while lily gets used to things. The first thing he did when I brought him upstairs and let him out of his carrier was headed straight for his food dish and started eating! He ate a lot. Then later ate all his wet food and had a few treats. Everytime I go in to check on him he is very friendly, relaxed and purry.