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there is a reality to rescue/animal welfare that the innocent public really does not understand.......

Carol  ·  Aug. 18, 2011

there are too many homeless animals for the numbers of available decent adoptive homes.
this means that rescued animals are dying at the hands of their rescuers (directly by euthanization..or indirectly by refusing to take another one in) every day...everywhere. it could be for space could be because of illness or injury, it could be for behavioral problems and it could be for pregnancy issues....but difficult decisions abound in the animal/human world.

i was talking to someone the other day who is feeling horrible since i told her that usually if it is not too late pregnant animals are aborted. she is ok with humans choosing abortion but then they are making the choice, but to her it just seemed so mean and heartless to be arbitrarily aborting cute little puppies or kittens who will all most likely find homes.

and how many existing animals would then die because 10 more good homes are now full?

ahhh...and would they be truly good homes? for the entire rest of their lives? probably not, even good homes give their family pets is just an animals reality...forever and ever homes til death us do part...just do not exist as much today. our society is too mobile, family life is too subject to change...moving, divorce, unemployment and pure inconvenience affecting animals lives is the new reality of our pet owning age.

some of the board are now worrying about a dog they said no to last week. they are afraid of what has happened to him..probably nothing great. the fact that he might be dead now and then i let floie in...why floie and not him?
bluntly? because they stuck to the rules and said no...and i broke them and said yes.

for most of these guys...getting the opportunity for a new and better a matter of timing, a matter of luck, a freak chance that their life may continue and others will not.

i have probably been in this rescue game for far too long...i shut out of my mind the ones who don't get in and gratefully concentrate on the ones who do.

it is not fair to be killing puppies and kittenss who never even get a chance to iss not fair saying yes to one dog and no to 3 more. it really is totally not fair to pick a wrecked and senior animal over a young and healthy one.

but then i ask you? who said this world of trying to help desperate and homeless animals was ever even close to fair?
it is just a balls up freaking fiasco of far too many needy animals and never enough time, money or space.

and all i can say is...maybe..if we as a society become smarter, kinder, and more respectful, loyal and responsible to our family day this will change.

until then...rescue takes a lot of emotional and brutal decision making strength and fairness has little to do with is just what you can deal with on each and every single brand new and uniquely difficult day.

rescue is not for the innoocent, the soft hearted and kind, it is not for the warm and fuzzy seekers...every day it forces you to get the job done as best as you can, knowing decisions you make sometimes results in an innocent animal's death.

it totally sucks big time.



Thank you Christine for your heartfelt post, you have identified & summarized many of the issues that are creating this pet problem society has. It is also great to hear that SAINTS brought you some awareness to the value in seniors and Dog bless you for opening your heart & home to 2 of them.

On a separate note... the last time I responded to the " miracle of birth " statement , I asked the woman if she would also then educate her children on the " tragedy of over population and death" and would she be willing to have her children volunteer at a shelter for a month and have the opportunity to sit in on a euth. I didn''t make any friends during that conversation.. oh well..


I saw a great idea for all those people who say, "But I want my kids to experience the miracle of birth." Just tell them that this can be arranged. They simply need to go to an overburdened shelter or rescue and offer to foster a pregnant mum cat. The mum will have her kittens, the kids will see the "miracle", the mum will be properly spayed and the kittens will be adopted out in the usual course of rescue. No need to leave their own cat unspayed.

Bunny Horne

Christine, you are so very lucky to be able to put use pop cans from work to support the charities of your choice. Sadly we don't all have that luxury. The company I work restricts such actions. We can only raise money for the charities sanctioned by the corporation. To me that's absolutely insane. Where I am employed you could be written up for trying to sell Girl Guide cookies. Any such actions have to be completely covert. You are very lucky that you even have this option. Just goes to show you how insane this world has become.


i wish we could all unite in one big effort.since i started looking in to animal shelters/rescues after my guy passed,i was surprised at the amount of rescues across america and heartbroken at how many more are really needed.please spay and neuter,stop stores from selling back yard breeder pups,stop buying these 1000$ puppymill pups,stop giving up your pet for someone else to care for(at least be responsible enough to rehome him youreself to a loving caring home),make sure you have a place for your pet incase you are no longer around.We cant all run a rescue but we can support a local rescue in some way.And care for you pet like you would want to be cared for(they really are so vulnerable).I may have been ignorant on what a pet needs when i started out but most is common sence :love, health, safety,and a home.I have put a box in my lunch room at work so we can donate the popcans deposit to saints and to help educate all my coworkers.And i have finally got off the fence too.I have applied to adopt 2 senior dogs,sorry they are not from saints ,but at least its 2 that wont need a home at saints.I want to help saints and other rescues and saints did that by being here.I am one more pet advocate that saints created.You see the difference saints makes is even bigger than all the animals you thankfully provide sanctuary to.You are changing people like me who now see that your efforts are my resposibilty too.


AND SPAY OR NEUTER your pets please people.... please!!! So many people want their kids to see "the miracle of birth". I think those same people should come watch us euthanize a perfectly healthy animal, just because the world doesnt have enough room for him. Some people just dont see the big picture. I know people that think letting their cat/dog have babies is okay, because they can find the babies good homes. It's exactly like you said, then how many others are dying cuz of those 10 babies? and those "good homes" probably aren't forever. SO SAD