Rescue Journal

i came back from taking the dogs for a run....

Carol  ·  Aug. 19, 2011

with a bunch of wet stinky dogs (why DO they have to play in the pond???) and while we were gone... someone had snuck into the house and stolen all of the stinky laundry (YAY LYNNE!!) so actually the house smells better (except for the overpowering wet dog smell!)

mystic and june were running, and running and running (mystic got tackled fairly often during the runnng and running) and benny was right after them, chasing his beloved june. someone is going to be losing some major weight with trying to keep up with those two!!! daphne stayed at my feet..there was no way she was going to get run over by the running and running freaks.

big bambi, minnie pearl and esther hung out on the manure pile..they thought looking for treats was more fun than unnecessarily running around.
smokey, ewok, shane and phoebe went back and forth between the two moment treat hunting was fun and then they would come to see what everyone else was up to.
i didn't even know fergus was with us til i ran into him in the backyard...he must have snuck out with everyone else when i wasn't paying attention.
jelly as always stayed right on my heels...she has got to be the world's most loyal to people dog....either that or this is her way to make sure she never, ever again gets lost.

i have to feels so good mostly (except for daphne, fergus and phoebe cuz i left all of the other noisy little buggers in the house) to be surrounded on a field run by big and not yappy dogs!

can ya tell that lately....the little screaming crew (*except daphne cuz she is my dog (note the double standard) and can scream if she wants!) are driving me nutz???



sorry carol i can not claim the stinking laundry as i was going to pick it all up today, so thanks to whomever did it. maybe the woman who was going to use the laundromat, not sure what her name is.