Rescue Journal

thank god it is friday!

Carol  ·  Aug. 19, 2011

i finished the book (if mystic finds it now..i really don't care!)..i skimmed the last 30 pages last night because i had a headache...this morning i still have a headache. i hate waking up with them.

the house is bugging me...A. it is starting to smell again and B. with the drier weather the dogs are bringing in powdery dirt which is covering every surface.

the laundry got out of control this week. i managed to put thru 4 basketfuls last night but one big one is still here. i think that is where part of the smell is coming i don't think too many things got moved for washing underneath so i am sure there is stinky pee under there.

sigh..i always find something to worry about...sick animals, new animals, pain in the ass animals, money for bills, water levels, noise levels, dirty laundry mountains, and how does the place look and smell.

and apparently it literally does give me a headache.

anyway...i think i need to pull an all nighter tonight just to seek out and destroy whatever odor causing things there are. i think the new staff are struggling with the overwhelmingness of it all. but we are actually up an extra 4 hours of staffing, 4 days a week so i think the cleaning problems are fixable once everyone gets into a smooth working routine. i just need to get more involved and help them to figure it out.

it is absolutely critical on so many levels that this place is clean and odor-free....and it IS a struggle with so many incontinent animals....ah well...tonight i will find the currently hidden problem areas that are getting missed and then we will figure it out.

honestly, shoving all of the leaky buggers into cement floored kennels with drains and hoses would be so much easier!



Ya carol I've been trying to find the smell and I can't so let me know of you do and where it is.


hi carol put the stinky laundry out by the shop and i will either get it today or tomorrow when i come to saints. you have the weekend warriors coming tomorrow we will pull everything out and give it a good clean.