Rescue Journal

the broken puppy was probably just bruised.

Carol  ·  Aug. 23, 2011

i checked on darby before i left for work this morning..i honestly couldn't tell if she was still limping because she was too busy running and jumping around in high speed. ryan checked her later and he said she is fine, apparently she has fully recovered...whew and i don't have to keep her...bruised puppies fully recover.... thankfully they are not like bruised fruit.

minnie pearl was looking at benny and june (who i was hugging) and asking today..."how come you adopted those two and not me?" i said because those two love just love whatever i eat!
man that dog is a total obsessive and compulsive food finding freak....june would never eat me...not so sure about minnie pearl...sometimes she looks at me intently and licks her is a little bit creepy.

tess and merry are in for their re-checks today. cliff goes in tomorrow and granny goes in for dental surgery on monday.

i just picked up the weeks worth of canned cat and dog food (not including the specialty medical diets or the pipsqueak pizza pit's favored food) and it was $200...i bet our total canned food each month is over $1000!
holy freaking crap...not only is that a lot going into means a lot coming back out again too!!!

it really is too bad cats and dogs have to would be much cheaper and cleaner if they didn't.

ok...lunch break is over and i have a 2 o'clock client so i better move my butt back to work.



Speaking of Minnie Pearl, KO she destroyed your bag of oyster shells. I was able to save a bunch, they are now in a container.


Hey Lynne; Saw your comment about people getting their money in early - You must be really ticked at me! I PROMISE I will give it to you this Sunday for the volunteer table, (and will leave the money in the office for the fundraiser sponsorship as well). I didn't plan on having to work last weekend -really would have preferred to be cleaning at SAINTS! Anyway, I will see you this weekend for sure. I'm looking forward to meeting Benny and June, and the parvo puppies. So glad Darby isn't broken!


Hi Carol, glad you didn't break my baby. They are pretty resilient. There have been any number of times since I started fostering that I've forgotten to do the puppy shuffle. By the way they roll really well too!