Rescue Journal

i am kind of freaking out here because....

Carol  ·  Aug. 24, 2011

i can't find frodo...i called dionne..she didn't see him at barn bedtime, the last time i saw him was at lunchtime. ryan saw him this morning...i can't get a hold of renee so i am not sure when and where she saw him last.
laura helped me look for about half an hour...i will keep looking and calling periodically...frodo where ever the hell that you are...get your freaking ass home!!!!!



anything is possible with frodo...i asked ryan if there were any delivery, or postal trucks here yesterday..there was only one visitor wanting to volunteer and i am sure if she found a cat in her car she would have brought him back.

he might be in a snit about the pups but i doubt it...they are confined in the pen and he had the suite and the rest of the shop..usually if he is mad, he just bites and whacks me.

cliff had a convenia and steriod is his mouth which is commmon for the felv's to eventually have problems with. the steroids will probably cause a bigger problem in the long run but he has to feel comfortable in the short term now.

and an update on tess...her bloodwork shows significant infection...she is going back in today for an xray and is on a high dose of baytril and flagyl.

and bunny whatever you want to put that donation towards is fine.

Bunny Horne

Yes, please, any news on Frodo???

Off topic, I have a $30 donation from a friend - do you want the funds to go towards sponsorship at the GALA? If so who still needs to be sponsored and I will fire off a cheque to Sheila right away.


Were there any visitors today that may have left a car window open... and he has hitched a ride.. please frodo be safe


Frodo wouldn't be upset because of the pups in the shop would he? I didn't see him this morning either. Usually he comes over for a bit of loving when I drive in. Keeping my fingers crossed that he's just hiding somewhere in a snit. By the way, any news on Clifford yet?