Rescue Journal

frodo is safely home....

Carol  ·  Aug. 25, 2011

it was a case of mistaken identity....frodo was accidently (and with all of the very best of intentions!)... abducted.......laura tracked him down in Hatzic. apparently he was over schmoozing at the school and one of the mom's thought he looked exactly like her tenants missing cat so she scooped him up to reunite him with his lost home.

he had some dinner and spent the night in the garage (he was probably a bit bewildered that they had no comfy royal hideaway suite anywhere in there!) and once she discovered where he was...laura drove out to get him today.

he has been given his favorite food and is currently laying in his stuffy recliner chair watching a movie.

it occurs to me in retrospect that naming a cat after a busy body, wandering and adventure-prone hobbit was probably not a great idea.

he is fine and i am fine too now that he is safely at home. i just wasn't ready to relinquish my role as primary serving wench to our beloved king yet.


just in case..... i now have some laminated 11x14 lost frodo posters for the next time he decides to go off on an advbenture....he is my heart-attack cat.



Not only would a GPS collar be good for him but a Frodo cam placed on hime would also be interesting to watch.


Phewww... I actually lost sleep last night worring that Frodo would make his way home. Way to go Laura!

Nashville, TN


i once lost a cat for 8 months and then she suddenly appeared on my doorstep again. weird.


I was afraid to read the blog tonight after the bad news at bedtime last night. What a relief!
I once lost a cat for almost a week and when we found her (trapped in a neighbour's garden shed by accident) she vicously bit me to punish me, I guess for her incarceration. Gee I loved that cat.

Bunny Horne

Okay Frodo I spent the entire day at work flipping back and forth to the blog to find out if there was any news. Do you know that I could lose my job for that???? I saw a suggestion early this morning about retaining the services of a sniffer dog. Laura - are you that sniffer dog or Ms. Sherlock Holmes. Sounds more like an episode of the new reality show CSI-Saints - crawling around on the ground, processing the crime scene and gathering trace evidence.... Thank goodness he's home. Thank you Laura.


Reunions and Happy Endings are always wonderful!!!! So thankful Frodo is back home, safe and sound.


Yes,once I started talking to people it all fell into place....just wished I would have done that first prior to crawling around on my knees looking in bushes along the ditch. K.O. was even up at Saints looking with me before she had to go to work...luckily I had the day off to Frodo search. While we were looking for a body or traces of hair our king was of on an adventure. When I pulled into the driveway of the lady who rescued him(he does look a little worse for wear to those who dont know him)he is casualy relaxing in the shade and gives me the look as if to say took ya long enough know could you please chauffer me back to my castle! First Ellie now Frodo, now I just wonder who will be next on my search and rescue resume.....hopefuly no one for a


No mystery there. I thought it would be as complicated as us finding Indy our lost foster and I could learn something.


i tried that years go...he just comes home without them as soon as he gets a new one. altho....maybe he is old enough and wise enough now to see the benefits of having one NOT having to sleep in a barren royal-suite free garage.

i think laura went over today to talk to the preschool staff and ask if they had seen him..and voila!..the mystery of our missing king was suddenly solved!!!


How did Laura figure all this out. Just so we all do the right thing if this ever happens to us.

I kept looking at the blog today hoping he would be found.


As Frodo is the only 4 legged critter with free range of the property and does seem to enjoy helping himself to the odd car ride, {if he was amenable and someone did not mind a few punctures in their hands}, would it be wise to fit him with a collar c/w contact phone number. Just a thought.


That is great news. Thank heavens he is safely home.Its heartbreaking when they just up and disappear. Yay, Frodo!


Oh thank goodness! So glad he was found safe and sound. I'm picturing him now lounging in his recliner watching a movie - that made me laugh!
What movie? "The Incredible Journey"?