Rescue Journal

quickies before this keyboard freezes....

Carol  ·  Aug. 25, 2011

minnie pearl dumped a full cup of milk on it while i was out with pops and the kiniesologist.she got my cell phone too so it might die over night also.
damn you minnie pearl!!! .

pops had his first went well.

tess has an abcessed elbow that no one knew about til the vet saw it draining for the first time today. it was under her deep callous..he said it will take weeks to months to heal. she remains on antibiotics and will need 3x a week dressing changes...she is not to have ANY pressure on the area so we have her confined to an xpen with big pillow beds covering the floor. she is to be re-checked again in one week.< getting tess out of the car is a total nightmare...tonight i had a brainstorm...i put a puffy pillow bed out in the driveway and let her belly flop out of the car...she had a nice and soft landing..i am so freaking smart!

frodo is happy as a clam to be home again...altho he does say that being abducted by aliens is far worse than being abducted by kind hearted wouldn`t surprize me that he knows this too!

anyway..minnie pearl is not really in trouble because she can`t walk worth a shit today....renee called me this morning and told me her hind end is all wonky and it is not any better tonight. but apparently it is not so wonky that she can`t reach up and try to steal my milk.

ok gotta go..i have spent diddly squat time with any of the animals except pops, frodo and the puppies tonight!



Weekend warriors- I'm so sorry about the late notice but I can't make it this weekend. Lynne I have the $20 for the table I'll give it to you next week :) Hope everyone has a good one


OK - now I am intrigued......I am a kinesiologist so I want to know how can I get a job as a kin working with animals????
If only I had known about this years ago.
What do they do or how - details please......this is very exciting and maybe I can make a career change :-)
That would be so cool.


Carol, if the puppies could talk they would say "thank you" for the safe haven and the time that they are taking away from the other animals. I can talk (most days) and I am very grateful that you have such a big heart.