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Carol  ·  Aug. 27, 2011

we had some really great folks thru on a tour today..they were from all over..maple ridge, vancouver, kamloops and nelson..and they all picked a beautiful (and hot!) day to tour saints.

wilbur had some kind of brief but weird choking spell...he wasn't eating at the time so we are not sure what he had stuck in his throat..but in any case he recovered quite quickly and KO made him feel much better with a blueberry creamsicle. (my mom always gave me popsicles when i wasn't feeling good so shouldn't a pig when he doesn't feel well... get one too?)

june has a bee in her bonnet about shane tonight..she is being quite mean and rude. so for the first time she got into big trouble from me because i THINK she was sneakily guarding the food. we ain't going to start food guarding... there is more than enough here for everyone at any time. i told her quite clearly that a 106 pound dog growling at shane (whatever her reason was) pisses me off. she said oops and so sorry....good girl; now try not to do it again.

benny is losing weight from all of his exercise and activity...i don't manage his food intake at all...he can eat what he wants. but the rate that he is slimming down...he should be a very healthy weight before too long. it is amazing what some appropriate pain meds will do to improve their mobility and help them get moving to lose extra weight. it doesn't work as well on the really old dogs but benny is only seven so it is working pretty good.

minnie pearl still can't walk worth a shit but somehow she managed to get herself down by the pond. mo and i took turns carrying her back up again..she is such a very stubborn and determined crazy crippled dog.

a couple of folks were brave enough to suit up and spend time with the parvo pups..i got such pleasure watching someone besides me get eaten alive by the swarming pirhana puppies! and the puppies had a great time too! kim or nicole said i could probably suck folks in there once...but good luck getting them to go back in a second is a good thing we have so many volunteers cuz if i can get them all in each once..then by the time i run out of the one-timers...the pups will be done with their isolation and can go back to their TG foster homes!

the really good news today is...carol ann is going to trial meanie sweetie out as a foster dog!!!!! FINALLY! someone takes home an asshole!!! i am so beyond happy for BOTH sweetie and me!!!!! now the little guys can come back into the computer room if they want yay for all of them too!

tess keeps escaping from her xpen...she says i am not sitting in here hour after hour with nothing to do!!! since she can open the sliding door with her is no surprise that she can open an xpen too. tomorrow is bandage change day so i finally can get a really good look at her sore elbow and decide on what kind of dressings to use...(the choices are endless.) wound care and figuring out the most appropriate dressing is my absolutely most favorite nursing thing to do!! i just love to figure out a good and workable plan to heal icky and gross wounds!!!

i think tonight is a bed and movie knee is pretty sore for some reason right now and i am feeling a bit queasy from the fresh blueberries and cream i just wolfed down!


Carol Ann

They are too cute especially the black one. I have to stay away from them lol

Nicole N

Swarming Pirhana is a PERFECT name for those little puppies. By the time I left their pen I had both my shoelaces untied and a string from my shorts pulled out. BUT... they are beautiful and sweet.

Yvette~Turtle Gardens

Thank you so much for taking such good care of my puppies. They are staying very social and will be ready for petfinder pretty quickly. Just one more week and the two foster homes will have their babies. I so appreciate all the support and care. Thank you, Yvette

Ann C

Hey Carol Ann that's great news, I love little Sweetie, you are the best!!


Carol Ann, you just made my Hero List. Thinking back to watching the cuddle that you had with Sweetie in the grass yesterday makes my eyes all watery. I hope with all my heart that everything works out with Sweetie and your crew.
Carol, I think your description of swarming pirhana puppies couldn't be more exact. Although I'm missing several layers of skin on my legs and arms, I'm very much looking forward to my next visit with those furry little monsters..... But I definitely won't forget to wear thick jeans and long sleeves :)

Carol Ann

don't worry I won't let sweetie hurt my little men. Lola won't like that either and she doesn't want to take her on--she is 65 lbs and her bark can scare anyone. I felt so bad for sweetie she seems so afraid all the time. I'll do my best to make her feel good. Besides having to keep that door closed between the computer room and the kitchen was a real drag. I'll stay and help tomorrow cause i think there is only 2 of you.That is hard in this heat.


That's wonderful Carol Ann - hopefully more sweet will show itself instead of bittersweet for you.


omg carol ann! dont you let sweetie be mean to little angus! but thats so great! your so awesome :)