Rescue Journal

for all that i bitch about minnie pearl....

Carol  ·  Aug. 29, 2011

she is not really totally crazy insane....she is just kind of intensely alive...every moment of life just feels infinitely bigger and brighter to her.

she has such incredible spirit...for minnie pearl every moment is immensely important. a failing body is just something that is forced to comply.

sigh...she reminds me of jewel.

i took off her heavy collar, it is too big, and stiff for such a frail and old girl...she needs to feel as free as she can. i made up a decent bed for her at my feet so she can lay near and stare at me intently and in relative comfort...she is grateful for that.
she'd be even more grateful if while in my sappy reflective and generous mood...i had a bit of a late night snack to share.

whoever said animals don't have spirits and souls has got to be totally brain dead. i think the reason they say this tho is because to see the truth of it all would bring terrible shame.

i was just watching a movie about mother teresa and suddenly i thought of minnie pearl....they both have the same unshakable faith.

mother teresa placed her faith and belief in god's hands.

minnie pearl doesn't know about god so she has placed her belief and faith in man's hands.

it takes a lot of faith and strength to trust so well.

god bless all of the innocently faithful.




You had me laughing as I tried to figure out how you made the connection between Minne Pearl and Mother Teresa, that's a lot of faith on your part.


carol ann you are an absolute doll for taking sweetie i knew you would cave as you talked about doing it every weekend. lol.

Carol Ann

aww you gotta love that Minnie Pearl she is a real gem. Love that never give up attitude.


she is in good hands with you carol. i love her to bits but i know she has pissed off a lot of people with her food demanding. she really is a willfull determined little dog and she is a lot like jewel, she will keep on ticking until the end.