Rescue Journal

florence was euthanized on the operating table today.

Carol  ·  Aug. 30, 2011

nothing really had shown up on her xrays, nor on her bloodwork either and yet floie was definitely sick and unredeemingly uncomfortable even with pain meds.
so today was the day we opened her up to see what was going on inside her. she was full of cancer..all around the uterine stump, her spleen and in her lymph nodes too. i had already told the clinic before her surgery to not let her wake up if she was full of cancer and we couldn't make her comfortable.

colleen called me at 11 this morning to tell me they had let floie go.

sweet, sweet and gentle dog, i am so sorry that there just was no hope of a better tomorrow.

rest in peace florence, you were a very lovely and kind little girl.




She was a beautiful dog & I wish I had spent some time with her.

So sad she didn't find SAINTS sooner. She is free of all discomforts now & for that I am happy. RIP sweet Dog

Janet Nicholson

My heart goes out to you, Carol and all the wonderful people who gave that little girl peace and happiness to the end. She's now at the Rainbow Bridge.


I'm so sorry, that is sad news. She sounded like a lovely little dog.
Is that also her photo (post haircut) #109 in the August photos, standing in front of Paluchie? If it is, her dear face looks happy.
You definitely made a difference for her.


I'm so sorry to hear that - I just met her on Sunday - such a sweet soul!

Carol Ann

aww she was a very sweet dog. Wish she could have been with us a lot longer. RIP little lady


you had said carol that it was not good, too bad she did not really get to enjoy her life at saints. rip little floie. you were very sweet and very good.


aww poor baby, did we even get a chance to make a difference in her life? shitty.