Rescue Journal

those frantic little bastards bled me!

Carol  ·  Sep. 1, 2011

tonight they were totally insane..i am sure their totally empty food bowl put them all into a panic. but the bottom line was they were totally and completely nutz! i had a stream of blood dripping down my arm from them ripping and clawing at me frantic for food AND they tried and almost succeeded in pulling down my pajama pants too!!!!!!!!
fer chrissakes i was trying to get food for them but they were bound and determined to shred (AND undress) me instead! you try to avoid grievous injury (and stripping) from four leaping, biting and clawing frantically, hungry and ecstatic to see somebody, medically confined and socially isolated can't move cuz you might step on one and break it and those buggers know it too. i am sure they surround and swarm you as part of their master plan to capture and confine the food giving human in the boring pen with them forever!
they reminded me of those cute little dinosaurs in jurassic park..that tilt their heads and look adorably cute just before they swarm and eat their vicitms alive.

i finally tossed them all in their crates while i filled up their dry food bowl, their water bowl and made them a giant mush plate. since they were not bugging me anymore...i took that opportunity to pick up their pee pads and lay out more and clean up the shredded mess of stuff all across their freaking floor.

i let them out one by one, set each down on the floor and they dived into the food like they hadn't eaten in weeks. i used their preoccupation in stuffing their faces for my playing or schmoozing with the pirhanas tonight..i am too tired...maybe from blood loss!

i cleaned up my arm...which with the blood all washed away..turned out to be just a tiny scratch which bled a lot for some reason. whatever and many more days is it til sunday????


Yvette~Turtle Gardens

It's the confinement that makes them so crazy - they had FREEDOM in the weeks before their adventure and subsequent illness. They are definitely ready for foster and adoptive homes. Thank you so much for the chuckle (vivid scene!)and their excellent care! I have 7 sharpei mix puppies - want them? Oh wait they are only 1 week old with their mommie - the porcupine victim. Puppies are the bane of my existence and it seems I always have one or two or more. All year round :(


I think Dasha should bring you a thank you surprise '' will have to think on this one '' ox cheers hope they are clma today '' and very sorry you had to be mauled ''


HAHAHA !! i told you they ripped my apron off and tried to get my pants off !! my chest was all clawed and my arm was bleeding ''lol ..oh geez i just read this and i can't stop laughing sorry''lol & maybe that 's why i kept the lights off lol lol oh my but i love the little shits'' come to think of it i best go get Dasha some food lol for sunday ....


3 more Carol :) I think Yvette is looking forward to having them back.Or are they going to foster homes?