Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 1, 2011

granny is doing ok from her full dental extraction surgery...i am glad i went ahead with it for her. i wasn't going to because she was so old. i think this time i got it right so that is a relief.

marvin is doing pretty good and seems less painful with his new mouth regime...monty? not so great. he still hurts and is afraid to eat.

jedi went in yesterday for his massive dental clean up today and i still have to book in tina and yoda.

the vet is coming here next friday to check the mouths and retest all of the new and still caged cats. with 10 to do, it is far easier for everyone just to do one single big house call and get them all done in a day.

june and shane have gotten over whatever was going on between them. i think a combination of june realizing two things has really helped really love shane so he has to be ok and two...any kind of violence really pisses me off. when a dog really loves you...they want you to be happy. they will do their very best to bring you happiness in every way that they can. june is already a very great, great friend to me and if shane makes me happy, then shane is ok.

those bootie things didn't help minnie pearl at all...she just ice skated across the floor, worse than she did before.

we changed tess's bandage for the second time is still draining tons of gross and foul stuff. i am thinking of packing it with one of the silver wound products to help it clean up....a couple of years ago we had a ton of medical supplies donated from a medical wholesaler..i am pretty sure i kept some of the silver ..i just have to find it again.

on tuesday night i discovered jerry had a giant pooh plop pie butt. i left a note for renee to fix it and i bet it was not a whole lot of fun but she actually managed it. since i didn't hear otherwise i am assuming she didn't get bit! yay renee... jerry pooh butt wrangler supreme! (she is far braver than me!) plus she managed to shave down fergie...he wouldn't have bitten in angry retaliation but he is so squirmy it must have been tough to keep him from ball seeking for long.

silver is twice the cat than when he arrived here...literally. i noticed last night that he is no longer a frail sliver of a cat...he is now becoming a bit of a chunky monkey. amazing what kitchen counter living can do for a cat's waist is all about being in the right place (like the kitchen) at the right (or all of the..) time.

cliff is a bit better with his abx and steriod injections but i am still keeping a close eye on him.

that is pretty much all of the recent updates i think....oh..i almost forgot...the cute little happy pirhana puppy swarm return to their TG foster homes on a freaking giant big and happy yay!



carol loves cornbread and tuna sandwiches, i think. well not together lol and cookies. and baileys lol


So homemade pasta sauce is out, banana splits gone too, breakfast casserole. I'm with you on the tofu.Thinking cap on. Mmmm


and she doesn't like eggs that taste like eggs haha. Bunny you could still bring the newspaper with you for the bird cages there is a box on the bottom shelf by the entrance to that area Thanks.


i don't like mushrooms or vegetables, i don't like wrinkled up and ugly 100 year old looking prunes, raisons or dates, i don't like bananas (they are slimey) or liver or anything kumquats (i like food that looks, tastes and is familiar.) and no tofu petrie dish tastes like everything or anything food either..that is just too weird that it has no taste of its own.

now aren't you sorry you asked???


Are you sure you want to avoid them? Has Darby not wiggled her way into your heart? :) You still haven't told me what you don't like to eat! And no you can't say anything healthy.


no more newspapers thx!

no problem gloria...everyone needs a brief warm and sharp pirhana puppy fix now and then to remind oneself to avoid them at all costs in the future!

Bunny Horne

If the piranahs are heading off you don't need any newspaper? Can you confirm, I don't want to bring it with me on Sunday if you don't need it.
Brent and I on site Sunday and Monday so if you have special tasks for Brent he's around.
Should we still bring water?


Heh Carol, I know that having the pups has been a disruption to your days with so many others looking for your attention and I can not tell you how much I appreciate all that you've done.I know how much work they can be even without having to gear up, bleach down everything they touch and entertain penned up babies with claws from hell. As you know, they would have had to travel back up to TG and in their fragile state, I don't know if they would have all survived. Thank you Thank you Thank you! By the way, what don't you like to eat?

Deb Walker

Good luck to the new cats on retesting. Hope everyone gets a clean bill of health!