Rescue Journal

here is the biggest difference between stupid puppies and a 152 pound older adult dog with a fully developed brain.

Carol  ·  Sep. 2, 2011

as i head off to the bathroom, first thing this morning...benny follows close behind. when the hall gate closes, he carefully lays himself down on the soft pillow bed, in the space between squirt and bambi 1, to patiently wait for my return, without disturbing or crushing or even waking up...either one.

had those little brain-free maniacs been in would have gone more like this....i would have been tripping and falling as they leaped, bled, and stripped me...squirt and bambi would have been repeatedly run over by 16 sharp and shredding puppy paws, they would have thrown themselves at the gate and kept throwing themselves at it screaming til i came back so they could happily maul me and the little old dogs some more.

here is how they are viewed in shelters as folks wander down past the cages, considering each available dog...

look! a puppy...awwwwwww...i want one!

hmmm....he is a big guy...too big for my yard.

why do we all think puppies are so cute and sweet? we must be blind, stupid and crazy.... a 152 pound, tattered and used benny is way more cute and way more sweet and no one gets blooded, run over, crushed or stripped of their garments on their way to the bathroom in the morning.

so how come in our society those freaking nightmare on elm street puppies are so adoptable and a dog like benny, the gentle, fat and older giant is not?

i think it is because humans in general just aren't all that smart.


Carol Ann

I agree give me an older dog any time. My lab who is now 3 has been and still is a total pain in the ass dog. She is worse than little Sweetie. lol


Benny is really a sweet sweet boy. My family adopted our pup from the spca in March.She is really a sweet pup too.We said the same thing "Aww look at the cute puppy!" We know puppies are hard work and we've stuck to it.Our pup is potty trained,still working on no jumping on people and chewing on things shes not supposed to.Although shes not eaten any kids toys and never has tried to eat the leather furniture(would rather cuddle with one of us on it instead).


Did I miss a photo of Benny?
How is Pops' foot? Does he have his special shoe yet?


agree with you 100 percent. i would rather have 10 bennys than a small pup. way easier , both mentally and physically. see you all on the weekend.


Then they realize that "cute puppy" is too much for them and off goes older puppy to the shelter with learned bad habits making him harder to adopt out. Grrrr.


Sorry to hear that the beasties are out of control. We're coming soon!!! I'm working on puppy proofing the house again and have been warning my dogs that their world is going to change again for a while. I'm prepared for the dirty looks when they get here. My prayers are with you in the meantime.


AGREED. i got all my dogs when they were adults, 1 i got last year when she was eleven years old, and you know what? i will never get a puppy!!! grown-up dogs fit right in, and are thankful to be here i HEART OLD DOGS