Rescue Journal

the new guys

Carol  ·  Sep. 3, 2011

soooo...the new guys are here.
buddy is lovely. looks to me like a black and tan coonhound/labx. really sweet and gentle guy..likes his tennis balls. i think he will fit in well.
abbey is pretty sweet and adorable right now too. but i strongly suspect we are in the honeymoon..totally freaked out stage so her demeanor is subject to change without notice. i see in her vet records that despite both the family and vet clinic assurences that she is supposedly good with dogs..that she was on clomicam back in february of this year for large dog aggression issues. i am not sure if it means anything at all or if it means we may soon have a problem to deal with. it just would have been nice to know it BEFORE she was in my car and heading home with me (which is when i was skimming the records...while i was actually driving...bad me!)

anyway...that life is done for her so maybe she will just decide to try to fit in well here too. and if she decides to be a pain in the ass then i guess we will deal with that too. in any case..she is a very pretty and petite border collie and so far she is pretty quiet too so i am already liking her quite a bit. hopefully she stays quiet and sweet...i told her i am cheering for her to.

yay!!!! everyone has gone home and quiet time with the bed buddies til it is time for the barn bedtime regime!



Buddy really is a sweet boy.I had to come in the house to use the washroom and he was there by the front door.He let me pet him and give him some rubs on the cheeks.Nice boy he is :)