Rescue Journal

the quick and the not so dead.

Carol  ·  Sep. 4, 2011

the pups are gone. it sure is quiet and peaceful in there today. i did the first major bleach down and will continue to do them nightly for the next week and then the pen will be ready to shove all of our storage shit back into again.
TG is sure lucky to have such great foster families, polly and gloria are wonderful and today i had a chance to meet lisa b who is wonderful too... altho.... she wouldn't trade me her old foster dog isabelle for abbey today. too bad...from my perspective... it would have been a good trade!

abbey is a bit perkier today...she is focused on the cats. not sure what she is thinking about them but so far she is just watching and following them around whenever she can. given my luck for accumulating twisted dogs..i am sure we are going to have a cat problem soon with abbey but who knows maybe i am wrong...i will give her the benefit of the doubt because maybe she just really likes cats.....(yeah right.)

buddy is doing really good...he spent the day back and forth between the house and the barn. and while he is still a bit unsure at times, he is doing so very well with it all that i know he is going to become one of our most special and easily loved saints.

benny is more settled today so i am happy about that. he and i just spent a few minutes discussing things. he is so wonderful, he sits with his paw in your hand and REALLY listens closely to you.
june-bug is just a hug a bug freak..she pushes her foot, her face, her whole whopping head right into my shirt. when that dog says "i love you" she says it with ALL 106 pounds of her.
i so love my two new best friends, they are both GREAT dogs!!

tess is doing better..more active, more interactive..i think she is beating off that long standing infection and starting to feel pretty good. i got both doris and merry bathed. but merry's de-scabbing wrap came off after a few minutes so her bath wasn't as greatly effective as it was last week. hour and a half rest with the bed buddies and then barn bedtime routine...but hah! tonight i have no puppies to swarm and blood me..i wonder if i might kind of miss that?
hmmm...probably not.



Tess must be feeling better, today she managed to escape/wander out to the barn for a brief visit & was trying to play/chew on a great big stick... YEA Tess..under that fat & abscess there is a true border collie waiting to shine, her eyes clearly tell you that.

Oh and BTW.. I am falling for her side kick Kristy, although half the time I can't remember her name.. I think we should rename her Uno cuz she only has 1 eye & 1 tooth

Cheryl K

LOL it seems everyone that meets Isabelle just loves for her to have someone who wants to love a senior as an adopter..Lisa B is awesome...TG is so lucky as you are to have the most amazing volunteers..those puppies will go in a heartbeat...yeah Tess for feeling better...