Thank you to our Media Sponsors JRFM and 100.5 The Peak

Sheila  ·  Sep. 7, 2011

JRFM and 100.5 The Peak are sponsoring or gala. They started running announcements for the gala on Monday. They are going to run until September 23rd. I just wanted to say thank you to Annette Durante, of JRFM and 100.5 The Peak, for giving us this generous donation. Annette is the lovely lady that helped out with the ribbon sposnorships last year and will be doing it again this year.



Some people think that if you are involved in an animal charity you are ignoring all the human need out there. Just because you support Saints doesn't mean you can't support humanitarian causes. I do MCC for aid in Somalia and Haiti. The Mennonite Committee walks the talk.


past experience has shown that when competing for charity dollars these kind of contests often have a unpleasant and negative side effect of anger and resentment being leveled at animal charities who the majority of folks see as less deserving than human focused charities. (you can see this in the general comment sections of contests like the pepsi challenge)

i am not saying this is either right or wrong..i can see both sides of it because i work in animal rescue AND i work with sick or desperate or marginalized humans who have a really horrible time of it too. the liberal government has cut so many absolutely essential services that people are hurting quite badly too.

in any case since i sit on the fence jumping back and forth between both worlds...i am probably a bit sensitive to the negative feelings people can have to a dog or cat charity winning much needed funds over a very worthy and much needed disadvantaged childrens or marginalized poverty stricken human is a fine line to try to balance on.


Why on earth would SAINTS entering the contest be a problem? Many of us who support animal charities also support human charities. And, to be honest, human charities are already a lot better supported than animal charities which are often relegated to bottom of the pile status.

Carol, I don't think for a minute you need to feel badly about showing the community that animals need help as well. Even if SAINTS doesn't win it might be good exposure. And if human-focused charities have a problem with it, well that's THEIR problem. Everybody needs help and the truly charitable should be willing to help your cause just as much as you would be willing to help theirs.


A. we are not an abbotsford based charity and B. even if they let us compete and we happened to luck out and could possibly seriously piss off community supporters of children or hospice or battered womens charities which i am sure will be well represented competitors in the contest.

we should probably not pursue is one thing to win because folks actually vote and support is a totally diffferent set of problems to win by sheer blind luck.

anyway..that is my personal opinion..maybe the board disagrees?

if we did decide to try for it and by some fluke won.....maybe we could voluntarily split the prize with a couple of abbotsford human focused charities...spread the goodness around a bit more? it is something to think on.


I read the ad linked in Diana's post again and what caught my eye was the words "one charity may win up to $5,000. I googled and found the article which explains the rules.

One thing that sticks out to me is that they are inviting charities in Abbotsford

Also wow do they ever make things complicated but I believe the end amount will actually by 5,000 not 10,000. It has something to do with a hockey player and shooting a puck through a hole

I copied over the whole article below the line


There are dozens of charities in Abbotsford that could use $ 10,000, and the one who can best describe how they would spend that money could win it all.

The Abbotsford News in partnership with Save-on-Foods is offering up to $ 10,000 in cash to a registered charity or non-profit organization.

Save-on-Foods is inviting charities in Abbotsford to apply before 6:45 p.m. on Sept. 23, explaining in 40 words or less how they would spend the money if they won.

Following the deadline there will be a draw to select 10 finalists, who will then compete in a contest at the new Save-on-Foods location on Walkom Road set to open in October.

The contest will feature a pickup truck full of food, and in Price is Right style, the five charities who are closest to guessing what the value of the food is without going over will be selected for the final. There will also be a public contest to guess the value of food in a shopping cart.

The final will be hosted at an Abbotsford Heat game in December (date to be announced) in partnership with Minor Hockey’s Abbotsford Pilots. Each of the five charities will draft a Pilots’ player for a hockey shootout during intermission.

The hockey player who shoots closest to the hole in the net will win $ 5,000 for the charity, but if one of the players shoots the puck through the hole that charity will win the grand prize of $ 10,000.

Abbotsford News publisher Andrew Franklin said it’s a great way to bring awareness to charities in the area, while being able to give back to the community during trying economic times.

Entrants must be from a registered charity and a representative from each charity must be available, in person, at both events. One charity is guaranteed to win at least $ 5,000.


Great idea Erin! Every Saints volunteer & supporter should fill out a form. This should be a blog post and also sent out to all volunteers to fill out.


sheila i entered us in the save on more contest, not saying i write like carol but we could all fill one out, let them see how many people care about doesnt say anything about one entry per charity...


Diana - Thanks for the link. The only person I know who can in 40 words or less make a compelling arguement to support SAINTS is Carol. I don't think any of us have her way with words. I will make sure I talk to her about it.

Lisa Kish

Country 107.1 in Abbotsford helps out advertising charity events as well.


Great news Sheila.
I just saw a new give away for charities through Save on Foods. The link is
Up to $10,000!