Rescue Journal folks are as nutz as i am...a rescue franchise????!

Carol  ·  Sep. 8, 2011

i am such a homecoming queen...i dress in far less than sylish clothes, makeup never touches my face (unless like for her brother's and sister's weddings... jenn pins me down and forcibly paints me!) and even the idea of a pedicure just makes me laugh (toes are to be walked on....not buffed and polished and decorated, what a freaking waste of good money!....i count myself lucky that none of them are actually broken by an oafish cow at the end of a day!!!!)...yet...when i come home at the end of my shift, everyone greets me like i AM the prom queen,.....unpainted, bruised toenails and all! too funny.

my other funny today (two in one day when i am working is pretty damn good!) was....

buddy. i dropped him off at the vets on my lunch break and picked him up again after work. then i went to drop something off at our mission vets (like a payment and some info on the new cats they are coming here to re-test tomorrow...) so instead of mcdonalds, buddy and i hit wendy's. so buddy got himself a plain wendy's burger and i broke it up into small peices for him (besides his rotten teeth he has an inflamation in the bones and muscles of his jaw and face...pain meds and antibiotics for a few weeks then surgery when the infammation goes down.) anyway....i set the full broken up burger and bun on the nice shiny paper (presentation is always important in enjoying ones special late lunch!) on the seat next to him and buddy just looked at it.

you have got to be kidding me? is a $4 burger fer chrissakes...attack and eat the freaking thing like all of the dogs do!!!!! buddy glanced down at it once more and then looked out the window. i got out of the car, opened his door and leaned into the back seat and handed him a piece... which he took. THEN the burger lightbulb went on and he sucked back that thing in 1 second flat and afterwards gave a huge burp! buddy is a super nice dog but kind of weird about understanding blatant food opportunities...especially for a lab.

abby gave me a super-sized, wiggle butt hello when i got home today and that was without her getting any burgers so we are making great progress in the friendship department i think...she is a pretty sweet little dog.


Carol Ann

I hope all of Buddy's ailments can be fixed so he can live without pain for the rest of his life. He is so sweet. One thing for sure he will get lots of love.


I 'm glad buddy could eat it but he must not be feeling well poor boy '' hope this changes for him soon '' he is so cute and Abby gets my vote for cute too'' cheers every one ' Polly ''