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more is not always merrier...and bigger is not always better...

Carol  ·  Sep. 14, 2011

so many things for me to have to learn on this rescue road.

three more shifts...then almost a couple of weeks vacation..yay!
i have so much stuff i have to catch up on...the accountants have been trying to grab me for more than a month...there are at least 4 or 5 surgeries booked over the next 2 weeks....everywhere needs a total dejunking, esp. the shop... oh...and some wall scrubbing..both the van and my car need a total strip/wash down, plus our big gala is in there somewhere too.

the winter clean up and set up can wait til the end of october when i have another week off...i always try to get that week around halloween off if i can so the hearing animals have someone around 24 hrs a day when folks are unpredictably setting fireworks off.

financially this has been one of our toughest years...the numbers of animals we have helped is way up as is the cost of medical care. our staffing needs and associated costs are totally nutz. so part of my job over the next couple of months is to figure out what we need to have a less stressful time of it all next year and come up with a plan. one of the things that we absolutely must do is winterize the big dog/sun room....we lost a lot of heat out of there last winter.

the security company is coming on saturday to help me figure out a decent security plan...the problem is i am a complete and total sucker for 2 things...animals and sales people which is why my 20 thousand dollar sticker priced car cost me 30 thousand dollars in the end....huh??? how the hell did that happen????
so if any hard headed, techno savy business folks have nothing to do on saturday at 11 am...i would really appreciate a realistic watch our back money guard keeping me from signing away the farm in an attempt to keep everyone safe.

know your limits and stay within anyone able to help me with this on saturday morning???


Carol stinky skunk is stupid enough to come anywhere near our place so the dumbo's around here are pretty safe!

sorry your house smells bad (mine smells pretty ok tonight! yay!)


I will be out to visit you one day I promise. When you finally fill out the paper work you have a standing order with me and I mean that. If all else fails we have a really special spot in Osoyoos where there is lots of wine and guaranteed sunshine. Nothing fancy, a trailer on the water to be exact but we think it is paradise no less. Must tell you my old dog Sam was skunked today. He is alsmost 14 and too bloody old to move fast enough to get out of the way. It is his 4th time and he still hasn't learned to stay away from those black and whitelittle things. He is too old to leave outside all night so even after several washings our house smells awful. I figure it you can do it with dozens of animals I can take one for the team! Offer will always stand for you to take a holiday and I have every intention of meeting you in person one day!


thx for the link was news to me but now i see it posted on our facebook page too.


wow colin..what an incredibly kind offer! ( i can't actually leave the country because i have been stubbornly refusing to go thru all of the red tape and hassle to renew my landed immigrant card...and if i leave without one....they won't let me back in (ripples from 911)... and so i stay put!) i am so totally paper work lazy maybe one day i will be bored enough to actually fill out the freaking forms!!!

come out and visit soon.. it is not that far..and when the animals aren`t pissing me off they are all pretty cool.

i think your mom must have been absolutely brilliant to give you a very uniquely interesting name...good for her! sigh..i wish my mom could have thought of something better than plain carol jane!


Hi Carol, I know you never take holidays outside of Saints but I am willing to offer you one of my timeshare weeks in Maui/Mexico. All you have to do it get yourself there. Crazy coming from someone you have never met but I would like to offer it to you. Before you think I am some kind of crazy male stalker, I am a female married mother of two. My mother just had odd taste in names. I just think that you are absolutely amazing and what you do for these animals is exceptional. The offer stands even if it is not one of these upcoming vacation weeks. Sometimes I think a woman just needs to have a bed all by herself and hang out in the sunshine. One of these days I am going to make it out to Saints all the way from North Vancouver and introduce myself in person. You are my hero and I don't say that to just anyone. Keep doing what you are doing, there are very few people out there like you.


Hi Carol and all the wonderful SAINTS people and animals. Did you know about this?



I can help setting up a security/camera system. I left a page open on your computer on Sunday to look at

Bunny Horne

Carol, I talked to Brent - don't forget your plan for him to install shelves in the shop - Octoberish.

Bunny Horne

Helga that works for me. We can talk about it once I know I have a table. This Denman Street flea market gets tons of people through it so I'm going to make every effort to get a table.


I have already started accumulating items for my next Saints yard sale. Haven't got enough stuff to do one this year. Was thinking start of the garage sale season next spring. If you want I can pick out some stuff and you could loop past my place one day when you are finished at Saints. Its only just up from Lougheed on the west side of Mission so not far out of the way. You could pick what you think will sell and bring what doesn't sell back to me.

Bunny Horne

Morning, Carol, a couple of things....
1. Unfortunately can't assist you on Saturday as Brent and I are going to Hamilton for 1.5 days for a 50th birthday party (my I'm dead to him brother).
2. Get the information from the security dude and don't commit to anything. Depending what your actual security needs are for a system there might be something that we can purchase at a lesser value and have Brent install it for you (that's always an option).
3. Winterizing the dog sun room - isn't this a task that Brent can do? Aren't I good at nominating him for extra chores???? Would that plastic that you secure to the frames work? If so, we can for sure start looking for some deals etc....

4. Regarding dejunking the shop - I am hoping to secure a table at the Denman Street flea market for late October. They assign them first come - first gets on October 1st and the plan is I will be first in line. We (I'm nominating Brent) can dejunk the shop with you and anything that has some value worthy of getting a few bucks at the flea market we will take and keep down town until the date of the flea market. Of course all monies goes back to SAINTS. Once I know that we've secured a table we can check to see if there are any items with some value that our volunteers might want to declutter from their home and we can try to flog them at that flea market - we can work out the details at that time.
Brent and I are back on site the 25th of September.

5. Regarding your amazing Francise concept - have you considered putting together information that could be sold to people that want to start rescues and that could benefit from your expertise? I could definitely assist with getting everydown down in written form to pdf formats etc so that you could market it on the website etc..... Just a thought. Maybe it's viable, maybe it isn't - but it might be a thought.

Meanwhile feel free to comment on the blog or email Brent and/or I.