Rescue Journal

the rubbery remains of the day

Carol  ·  Sep. 15, 2011

if i was a stupid person...

i would think...

that daphne ate my flip flops cuz she was laying in a pile of tiny rubber bits with her head resting on their larger remains.

if i was an even stupider person....

i would think....

that maybe daphne was in fact bravely trying to protect her mom's favorite flip flops from a rampaging rubber shredding beast.

but being a fairly practical person with no illusions about the inner workings of dogs brains...i am assuming daphne was simply innocently napping next to a certain chewing and quietly into ripping up rubber, puffy white, almost adult but not quite, mystical puppy....who currently likes chewing EVERYTHING...especially red leather couches and grey rubber flip flops!

shit and another pair of comfortable flip flops have been bitten into rubbery dust at the remains of a busy mystically cheerful chewing day.


Bunny Horne

Carol, I just emailed my co-workers to see if there is any interest in more small rug hooking projects - the proceeds of which go to far I have 7 orders which translates to about $80 thus far.


Indestructible flip flops and slippers that are cheap, cool and comfy - hey, aren't those "holey shoes"....

Bunny Horne

You know those virtually indestructible KONG dog toys - I wonder if they make flip flops. This might be an idea for Dragon's Den - a multi-purpose flip flop.

Cheryl K

Ahh well maybe she wanted you to get a new pair..lots on sale right now due to the end of summer sales..try Walmart, or any other discount store...I know I know you don't have alot of time to shop..