Rescue Journal

goats are the hoodlums of the barn animal world.

Carol  ·  Sep. 18, 2011

if they can possibly get into trouble or make any task more difficult then they are right there giving it 100%.
if anyone is going to piss me off at will for sure be a goat and it will probably be pete cuz he is the biggest trouble maker of all.

someone should make him a black leather jacket with a skull and cross bones on the back.

but the thing about goats is...they are not near as smart or troublesome as i am so when they break into where they are not supposed to be...i with evil glee lock them in where ever they happen to not supposed to be and leave them while i feed and put everyone else to bed. i figure one day they will actually put 2 + 2 together and reach the conclusion that if they just wait patiently in the riding ring, like everyone else, they get their god damn dinner a lot sooner.



i'm coming out tomorrow around 11am. you better be ready to eat sushi.


Hey Carol

You wrote this while I was talking to you on the phone didn't you.


We used to have 3 goats.They frequently got their heads caught in the fence trying to reach the bushes on the other side.Sometimes I wished we shoulda left em!

Carol Ann

Too funny, but I understand I have 2 goats. They can be bad sometimes.