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i wish the gala would just sell out in the first week of ticket sales each year.

Carol  ·  Sep. 18, 2011

so stressful not knowing if the gala is going to sell until the last couple of days. and it is not just about the money (altho it is about the money cuz the vet bills have to be paid)..but it is also about having a full house for our animals who would like to have a full house of folks caring about has got to be great feel good karma to send their way to know so many people actually care.

every year we do hit sell out or close enough that it is ok...but 35/150 tickets still available a week before the event gets me feeling a little bit stressed.

oh well...nothing i can do about it anyway, maybe i should just concentrate on taking care of the animals which is what i can do ok.

bear had a good night, he was quiet and he slept well and this morning some of his panic at being left here has decreased. too bad it is such a crappy, raining day...good for the well....not so great for the farm dog fun in participating in the volunteers weekend warrioring.

the dogs rise to the challenge of wet runs thru the fields but then they want their wet muddy selves back in the house where it is dry....except it ain't so dry because they bring all of the wetness and mud back inside!

except.....for mystic...she just gets wetter and muddier by the hour...she is totally ok with the whole mud swamp puppy thing....eventually she will dry it all off on my bed and my pillows...yay for her.....not so yay for me.

so all of the new switch arounds in the mp room have gone well...but i do need to set up the outside the birds pen again. granny and katie (aka skaters) are going to need their own quiet and predictable home for them to feel safe. i might move gary into there too..i can't quite decide. he is spending too much time outside in the run. i know he likes it out there but it is also because he is too timid and shy to feel safe coming back in. i think three elderly and quiet cats in there will be ok as far as space is concerned..i just have to decide if gary not having the outside run will be something he will really miss.

puff daddy has moved over to the office which makes it easier for people to navigate thru the mp more opening and closing or climbing over xpen barriers which is really good.

the security company came out here install outside security cameras on the property and put a couple of monitering cameras out in the barn (for when horses are sick so i can watch them without dragging my ass out there every hour on the hour...) is estimated to cost about $6000...ouch. plus we really need to put in fire alarms into each building which will cost a few thousand dollars more. i have been thinking on this....perimeter cameras are critical to the animals welfare and so are good fire alarms. the barn monitering system is a nice thing to have but i can haul my lazy ass out there to do hourly checks when needed and that system can be added and installed down the road.

so i think we will just go for the perimeter cameras and the fire alarms...for now...that seems the most financially responsible way to go. and i think i will add on a nightly midnight walk in barn safety check to my bedtime routine just to be safe..i should have been doing this before....don't know why i haven't been, i just never thought to do it before....duh.

vacation day 2 is about to begin and i better get dressed to unload the barn feed from the van into the feed room bins before the volunteers to be doing it in the rain but the rain is good for the well (and the bank account) so i better not complain.




and Katie (formerly Skaters)



awww, Bear looks like a little huggable guy. Katie is the perfect name for her. (skaters??? rr!)


It is check # 1688 drawn on McKee Credit Union in Collegedale, TN USA. I wrote it on 9/12 and mailed it the same day with 3 US stamps on it. It has not been returned for Insufficient postage yet, but it has not cleared the account yet either. I wrote Ziggy and Silver on the little line in the lower left.


not to worry...mj actually volunteers her time now, she is not getting paid..but she will have all of the recently in cheques for deposit this weekend...she does the deposit and banking every couple of weeks.


Hi Suzanne

I can feel the stress in your message. I emailed MJ today but she is a part time employee and it may not be possible to do an asap for you. The fastest way at this point is for you to check to see whether the check as been processed through you bank account.



All of the animal's pictures are going up on the centre pieces. I just finsihed the last one this morning and Ziggy's is included.


Please ask her to let me know asap so I can fedex if I need to... I will absolutely NOT have my Zig-a-licious' photo not be up.

Carol Ann

Bear is a very nice dog. But Buddy is my favourite that I can't take home lol


Hi-- just a lurker from the prairies. Just want to say that Bear is BEAUTIFUL! Such a kind face and expressive eyes. I am glad he found you guys!


did you ssend the cheque directly to sheila or saints suzanne? if it came here to saints..mj may have already deposited it and i will ask her to check.


Hi Suzanne

I sent you a private email. I haven't received your check. Has it been cleared through your bank account?



Please let me know if my check arrived. If it did not, I will fedex out another one. Thanks


Hi Louise

I have advertised on Kijji and on free community events sections and we have sent out press releases that some of the community newspapers in the areas did use to advertise the event under community events.
It is also being advertised on JRFM and 100.5 The Peak radio channels. The last two years there was a last minute rush that I am hoping will happen again. But in the meantime I will stress.



Hi Naomi

There is no dress code... as I told the guy who on the phone who wanted to know if it was black tie and I think was really hoping for a bunch of millionaires in the audience...

The above is the link to last year's event and has pictures of the event. It gives you an idea of how the event looks and feels I think. Hopefully Jenn will fix the link so you can click on it instead of copying and pasting.


If I lived on the mainland I would definitely attend. Have you tried advertising tickets on Craigslist or Kijiji?~ maybe a way to get the word out, there are sections under community, events, activities, tickets, pets.(it is free to advertise on there too)