Rescue Journal

first night...getting to know the new guys.

Carol  ·  Sep. 20, 2011

sydney cringes when i go to touch her but she purrs at the same time too. she is on her second bowl of fancy feast so far tonight. oh and her fur is very soft (she is newly shaved cuz she was horribly matted.) anyway...nice cat...still a little bit unsure but she is not hiding so i think she will be fine once she gets used to all the new people.

i want to call milo...papa john...he just has that papa john look about him. i get the feeling from watching him that he is a pretty cool dog inside...i don't mean cool as in distant...i mean cool as in great. i think he is a very wise little guy. looks like he has had a shit life...i don't know too much about where he was seized from except to see that he is suffering from severe medical neglect. the first noted comments on all of these neglected and cruelty seized animals is always they are infested with fleas. apparently both milo and charley were so infested that when the shelter staff capstarred them, they fell off in the hundreds...totally gross and how horrible for the animals to be suffering from so many.... it is such a simple and easy thing to prevent....breaking the cost of advantage is a mere $15 per month to keep a dog or a cat free from fleas during the lower mainland flea season. my rule of thumb treat for fleas preventively from the last hard frost in the spring to the first hard frost in the works pretty well to keep my overful house forever flea free...i hate those little blood sucking things!

charley is utterly adorable...she is shaved bare too because she was one solid big matt. her skin is messed up from her flea infestation but it will heal now that she is on a regular prevention program. i am willing to bet her owners did not even know her nipples were open and weeping fungating sores...they are most likely cancerous but they probably couldn't see them under her matted coat, looks like she was an ignored back yard dog. apparently when the cruelty officer rescued her, she had been trapped between a boat and some sawhorses in extremely hot weather for an undetermined amount of time. poor thing, she must have been terrified. anyway...for those of you who knew gracie (dawn's last saints foster dog..)...that is who this little sweety pie reminds me of...totally sweet, totally innocent and absolutely adorably cute.

anyway..i am really glad we were able to make room for the newest three...tough, crappy lives and yet wonderfully kind and forgiving animals....i think all of them are going to really enjoy their new (temporary or permanent) home. least they will when they recover from all of the medical care they are about to receive....they may not like the initial but very necessary tune up part of rescue a whole heck of a lot but it will all be behind them in a few very short weeks.



It is Wed. morning and I just checked the winners of the Animal Rescue challenge and SAINTS WON!!! wow I thought we were in like 3rd but I guess after they canceled bad votes we came out on top..YAAAAAAYYYY!