Rescue Journal

ok..the new guys are here...i had charlie's name wrong.

Carol  ·  Sep. 20, 2011

sydney is a senior tabby and white female with bad ears, bad teeth and drinks far too much water. nice cat, started chowing down on fancy feast before she even got out of the carrier. i so like cats with good appetites..their adjustment periods are much easier on me.

milo is a senior shitz cross with bad eyes, bad ears, bad teeth, no hair and a very distended belly...he looks very cushingoid to me and i have already discovered that he absolutely LOVES fresh blueberries and whip cream.

charlie is a smaller senior blonde collie cross, she is shaved with a puppy face (so cute!!!) and she has a mass on her tail, bad teeth, bad ears, open and fungating tumours on her nipples and she much prefers cheese stix to blueberries.

i have booked all three for vet checks/bloodwork on thursday cuz all of them need surguries pretty darn soon.

speaking of vet was tess and merry's re-check day. i stopped and bought them breakfast at mcdonalds but merry ate both hers and tess's so i had to share mine with tess or she wouldn't have gotten any.

merry had fewer mites upon scraping so that is good...she stays on the baytil and ivermectin and gets re-checked again in 3 weeks.

tess's elbow wound is slowly closing in but she also stays on baytril and we will try manuka honey to help heal her wound. her next recheck is in a couple of weeks. the better that tess feels, the more she bosses me around...carol...i want this... i want the door... let me in, now let me out.

apparently she needs her own personal slave.

lucky has been leaking urine lately so today i trimmed up her back end, combed out the matts and gave her a good clean and tidy up job. she really seemed to enjoy it...she probably was a human in a previous life who understood the pleasantries of the spa day stuff...except like me she hates pedicures..they totally piss her off.

a fellow stopped by today with his 10 yr old rotti...he is leaving the province in a week. he has tried several of the other shelters and the timing is bad...animals are being diverted to other shelters right now because of a number of things. i sent him away with a couple of other possible places to try but i suspect i will be hearing from him again. he has had lainey since she was a puppy..she seems like a really nice dog....still i hope he can find some place for her besides here.

hope floats til it....

buries you.

help!..i am being buried alive in all of their to be ever helpful, hopeful me.



point well taken, i guess i judge people too harshly without knowing the circumstances just seems that there are an awful lot of animals that no one wants . i am not judging you and what you should do or say it was just mine alone opinion. you do have a big heart tho. no one can deny this. i do agree with you that we all have our different opinions on what we would do at saints. and i mean in the way of cleaning. i clean far differently than others but i guess in the end if it is nice and clean what does it really matter. as far as having different opinions on how you take care of your animals no one does it with as much love and genuine down to earth caring as you do. that is what really matters.


Oh Oh Ashley... Gwen hates her nails to be done.. wanna give her a try ???

lol.. see what happens when you put stuff in writing : - )


hah ashley...don't tell nicole! you might get stuck being her personal nail trimmer!!!( she is not always so good...sometimes she is a total hag about it all.)


or maybe they will just set loose the dog on the street...or give it to a home that will chain it and not feed it or refuse to give it medical care so the poor old, sick and starving dog can guard their freaking garbage strewn yard until the spca is called to rescue a totally wrecked dog that now NO ONE will ever want. look at these great animals we have taken in from horrible homes thru cruelty seizures ately...those people got those animals from someone who either was not able to keep them or did not want to keep them anymore. at least this guy is TRYING to find a compassionate and responsible solution....he is not farming the dog out to the first loser who comes along like many folks do.

i know nothing about the personal circumastances...lainey is a nice dog, she looks to be well cared for, she has been an indoor dog in the same home for all of her 10 years...i did not ask why he couldn't take her..i don't really care, i am assuming he has his reasons. he didn't ask me to interrogate and judge him...he was just desperately looking for a safe place for his dog and unfortunately all of the shelters are currently overful.

sometimes humans have difficult lives and suffer huge personal losses because of a hard life too....animal suffering is not the only suffering in this sometimes crappy world.
and if common sense had anything to do with life around here...i would only rescue young and healthy and highly adoptable animals who stood a chance at finding decent new homes.


Lucky was SO good when I cut her nails on Sunday! It was a little awkward since she demanded I rub her belly AS I cut her nails.... but it worked out ;)


i do not care what you think carol lol i love tess and she deserves all she gets. she is a sweety and deserves to be spoiled. you can be her slave during the week and we can be her slaves on the weekend. on the rotti, i am sorry take your dog with you, i have no patience for people that oh so sorry i am leaving the province, i can not take my dog with me, fu sorry is all i have to say. i am sick of people abandoning their dogs and expecting other people to take up the slack. and it is always carol and her heart is bigger than her common sense sorry carol but it is. make these people be responsible for their own animals, maybe then they would find a way. it all sucks.