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how much can you pack into 13 days vacation if you don't actually go anywhere????...i think quite a lot.

Carol  ·  Sep. 21, 2011

tina and yoda had their pre-op vet visits first thing this morning and their bloodwork is already back. tina's is a-ok...yoda's isn't great...his liver stuff is a bit high, as is his calcium (???cancer somewhere???) we did a few add ons to the original bloodwork and will see what it says. but..he appears and acts really healthy so whatever he may or may not be hiding, doesn't really worry me too terribly much. he is 15 yrs old now so things are going to start changing for him as he continues aging...that is just how it goes.

when i was in this morning, the clinic mentioned they had some extra surgical room tomorrow (june is already booked in for her spay in the morning) so i brought in charley for bloodwork and a check up today and she is now booked for her surgery tomorrow! (mammary tumour removal and possibly also a spay.) plus...papa john (milo) and sydney go in for their check ups tomorrow as well. and because june is such a scaredy cat ( and i am a worry wart) i will stay with her until she is fully sedated...then i have to rush two of the four home, (june and charlie stay there) grab doris and get her into our mission vet for her annual check up for her eyes and her skin.

tomorrow is a BUSY vet day!!!!

we had some trauma at the front gate and out folks were not being careful enough and suddenly there were dogs running down the driveway which totally freaks me right out (i think my exact words were...JESUZ FUCKING CHRIST!). the only one i was really worried who would keep going and did...was bear. i ended up cornering him in a neighbors yard so he is now home safe and sound.

just a reminder to everyone...please, please, please use extreme caution going in and out of our gates...especially when new and not fully settled dogs are in the front yard. dogs are opportunists and if they can get out, they will get out so try to be extra careful. if someone gets lost or hit by a car, it will be beyond horrible for all of us and esp. for the poor dog.

sebastion has returned home today...i strongly encouraged eric and ang to send him back. lily, their currently very unhappy and highly sensitive and reactive cat was making sebastion's life difficult despite all of the different things that they tried. it is not lily's fault..she is just who she is and she just doesn't want to live with another cat in the house so she was determined to drive the interloper out. i do feel bad for eric and ang...they loved sebastion a lot but he is fine here and lily needs to be happy in her home too. i think this was the best decision to be made under the circumstances but it sucks because sebastion was deeply loved there.

theya was chosen to be the lucky saint to get a brand new and great home today...i will really miss her. she was one of my all time favorites, just a totally sweet and funny and incredible dog. because her new family are seniors themselves...she went out as a permanent foster....they are willing and able to cover any vet bills....we just remain the legal owners so if anything happens to them, she comes back home to us which i think is a really good plan.

i am kind of pissed off right now...i got stung by a bee yesterday and the freaking thing just keeps swelling ever now reaches from my wrist almost up to my is very itchy and it is really sore. i know i have some benadryl around here somewhere...i just can't remember where.

ok, thats the news for today and i am kind of tired from writing (and living) it all.


Carol Ann

congratulations to Theya and her new family they both lucked out. :)


Yay for Thea. She is such a great little dog. I still think she looked like Sally Struthers when she came in with her long curly locks.


wow..i am very happliy surprized..i thought we were a lost cause but this is great news cuz we still have a lot of vet bills to we need to clean up before the end of the year.


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Bunny Horne

All the best to Theya in her new home. We will miss her happy sweet face out at the barn.


the people who adopted theya just won the senior doggy lottery! what a sweet girl, will miss her.